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Can sex have a foul odor? After my husband and I finish having sex I don’t smell anything, but the day after it makes me smell really really bad like a rotten boiled dead fish! Or a rotten egg. Not sure what it is, but it’s GROSS!

I think it’s my husband’s semen making me stink. I have tried everything to get rid of the smell, but nothing seems to work. Even when I’m at work in full pantyhose gear I can smell myself and I OFTEN WONDER CAN ANYONE ELSE SMELL ME.

It is so embarrassing and I hate the smell so much that I honestly dread sex and have started avoiding it because of the smell. It’s to the point where I’m just lying there waiting for him to finish thinking of nothing but how quickly I can get to the shower to hose my hoo-ha down. Maybe if the sex was better I’d be more willing to put up with the smell after, but that’s a whole other issue.

I have read that hydrogen peroxide will take the foul smell away and I’m about to load my turkey baster.

What should I do, Svutlana?

Tired of making a big stink

Dear Ms Stink,

Thank you too much for your question that hopeful will enable Svutlana for perform pubic service with stop one womens from squirt hydrogen peroxide up her hoo-ha with turkey baster.

Why for fuck you want for do this for your vagina, Ms Stink? Have your vagina no be through enough?

Do you know what hydrogen peroxide be, Ms Stink? Hydrogen peroxide maybe look harmless because it be H₂O₂ that be water with one extra oxygen atom, but…

  1. Hydrogen peroxide be use for bleach bones before put on display at museum;
  2. Hydrogen peroxide be part of defense system of bombardier beetle for keep predators away;
  3. Hydrogen peroxide be main ingredient in 2005 London Underground bomb.

Have me no ideas about you, Ms Stink, but Svutlana no like idea of bleach hoo-ha for scare predators away and maybe blow Svutlana up. Please no douche with hydrogen peroxide. As general Svutlana rule, Svutlana never place anything inside vagina that Svutlana would no place inside mouth. Svutlana would never think for pour glass of Clorox for sip with dark chocolates; therefore Svutlana would no squirt Clorox inside vagina. In other word…

Hopeful, Svutlana just prevent one more bleach blonde vagina.

With regard for reason you want for bleach your vagina, theories abound as for what cause distinctive tuna boat smell that may greet you morning after sex. Some peoples say that semens mix with vaginal fluids in way that can throw delicate vaginal pH level complete off and this imbalance creates smell.

Other peoples blame odor on decomposition of sperm that wash upon mucous shores of river Cervix and heroic die in Mission Impregnable. Nobody like for think that live creatures propel with missile-like structure enter them at speed of rough 30 mile per hour then die inside them, but this unfortunate be case.

There also be small, yet vocal minority that say sex be work of devil and what you smell, Ms Stink, be foul sulphuric odor of hell that waft from your vagina for remind you about what truly be for come when you engage in wanton acts of fornications.

Of these three theories, pH theory sound most reasonable for me, but first you have for eliminate possibility of bacterial vaginosis–overgrowth of smelly bacteria–with visit for your doctor. Ironical, bacterial vaginosis often be due for excessive vaginal cleanliness such as douche or soak in bubble bath or use perfume soap.

Vagina have self-clean feature that can easy be fuck up when womens treat their genitals like they be counter tops that they must engage in constant battle with for scrub and scrub and hose down for keep clean. If you have bacterial vaginosis, doctor will give you antibiotic and you be good for go. If you no have BV, you need for consider that you and your husband may be chemical incompatible and you will need for use condom for ensure that your bawdy fluids no mix.

But bottom line for you, Ms Stink, and for everybody include Svutlana be that we should all have kind of sex worth make big stink about.


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