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I’m a married woman mid-forties with three children and suddenly, in mid-life, I find myself strongly attracted to another woman with whom I do volunteer work. I honestly feel like I’m falling in love. I know that I’m in love because the only other time I ever felt this way was with my husband.

Is it possible for a woman to suddenly become gay?

Incredibly Confused

Dear Ms Confuse,

Thank you too much for most malleable question, Ms Confuse. Short answer be yes, base on female sexuality research it be possible for feel tingles in presence of other womens and sudden become lesbian. But next day you can see nice mens, feel tingles and go back for be straight.

Play-Doh sexuality: another reason why Svutlana love for be womens.

Accord for Richard Lippa, professor of psychology at California State University, most mens have strong attraction for one sex or other, but womens tend for have prefer sex and less prefer sex. In other words, t-bone steak on menu look good for Svutlana and this be what she usual order, but tenderloin can look extreme good for me too…

Womens be much more likely than mens for report same-sex attraction. Perhaps this be because womens can feel comfortable with physical and emotional closeness for other womens, whereas mens be expect for maintain certain distance from each other except when they score big goal.

Unfortunate, unless lesbian sexuality be display as porn sideshow for mens, society tend for downplay lesbian sex since it no involve gashooshlank. Society view lesbians as if they simple be extreme close girlfriends who like for cuddle little bit more close than other womens in sexual equivalent of square dance, quilt bee or play few hands of Old Maid.

Lisa Diamond, professor in the department of psychology at the University of Utah, be lead expert on same-sex sexuality among womens. Professor Diamond follow group of 79 womens for 16 years with interviews every two years for see if anybody spontaneous become lesbian. Apparent, some womens do become lesbian in way that Professor Diamond compare to sudden weather event like hurricane. It seem that possibility of such “hericanes” increase with age, perhaps due for more opportunities for deeper relationships or more open mind as we age.

“The uncomfortable reality is that any of us can become late-blooming lesbians…” says Professor Diamond.

Idea of female sexual fluidity feel comfortable for Svutlana and should be good news for all womens who face shrink pool of available mens as we age due for unfortunate male tendency for die or fuck much younger womens. Many peoples however, male and female, struggle with their sexuality, and some ask complete strangers for their opinion as for whether they be straight or gay. Abdicate responsibility for make your own sexual assessments just make struggle that much worse. It be far better for just relax, lie back and let your sexuality win.

Sexuality always win anyway, Ms Confuse. It be up to us whether sexuality add for who we be or take away from us.


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  1. Thank you too much for one blogger who like Svutlana. Svutlana be new in WordPress neighborhood and be happy happy for any friend that can make me.

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