Where sex be happy happy


I have been with my girlfriend for over three years. Our relationship has come to the point where we feel that we should either get married or go our separate ways. She is a great girl–she’s smart, nice and trustworthy. We have a lot of fun together. Everything’s perfect, but there’s just one problem: she hates sex. In her opinion, “sex isn’t supposed to be fun.” She also thinks our sex life is fine. But every time we talk about marriage, all I can think about is a lifetime of bad sex!

Am I Totally Screwed?

Dear Mr Screw,

Thank you too much for question that fall in for special Svutlana category “Everything be perfect, but…” What always follow “Everything be perfect, but…” be drop-of-ink problem that color everything in otherwise perfect glass of water. “Everything be perfect, but…husband like for watch me defecate on glass coffee table” or “Everything be perfect, but…wife like for climb lattice up for window for watch neighbors fuck”…

Love me too much “Everything be perfect, but…” questions, but in this case Svutlana have absolute no ideas where for begin, Mr Screw. If girlfriend say sex is no suppose for be fun and girlfriend hate sex, sex life can only be fine for this womens if there be no sex in it. You can check with sex therapist for make absolute sure, but it seem for me that your girlfriend be asexual. If girlfriend be asexual and dole out bad sex for you with eyedropper now, just wait until you be marry.

Get Svutlana too many emails from marry peoples who meet statistical requirement for sexless marriage that be sex ten or more few times per year. For sure this be strange statistic because if you have sex eleven time you no longer be sexless, but Svutlana no make up sexless marriage rule.

When you marry girlfriend who hate sex, you no have lifetime of bad sex, Mr Screw. You have lifetime of no sex. Svutlana have question for you: Why for over three year be you okay for have little bit bad sex, Mr Screw? Fact you even consider marry asexual womens when you no be asexual yourself be most big curiosity of your question. You say that girlfriend be trustworthy. Maybe you purpose like this asexual womens because you know she no make happy happy with other mens.

Marry trustworthy womens who no like sex be like buy smart, nice car with no engine. You maybe like for sit in smart, nice car and tentative touch upholsteries, but you no be able for drive. And nobody be able for steal smart, nice car from you either.

It be your decision, Mr Screw, but Svutlana would rather take risk of drive new car that respond for my touch and take me places that never see me before than sit in driver seat of three-year old smart, nice car with nothing for do.


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