Where sex be happy happy

Dear Svutlana,

My husband walked in on me while I was using my Rabbit and now he is having trouble performing. I think it may have upset him. What should I/we do?

Run Rabbit Run 

Dear Ms Rabbit,

Thank you too much for your extreme stimulate question, Ms Rabbit, that give Svutlana opportunity for have miniature masturbate-a-thon on Svutlana blog. Have me absolute no ideas about exact why Rabbit affect husband happy happy performance, but maybe it have something for do with what kind of Rabbit he see…

What Rabbit we talk about, Ms Rabbit?

It be easy for husband for compete with Rabbit on basis of realism, waterproofness and pump motions, but maybe it no be so easy for compete with insertable length, circumference, intermittent pulse that emanate from powerful epicentre for give major tremors and rabbit ears for give clitoris before, during and aftershocks.

Maybe husband think Rabbit be too much buzz for you or maybe he have absolute no ideas that you masturbate, Ms Rabbit. Maybe husband still try for get head around idea of wife with husband-free orgasm as if this be difficult concept for grasp, like concept that Mitt Romney actual have insertable length and no just like for screw pension peoples. If husband have problem with idea masturbation be part of your sex life, you need for write Svutlana other letter because you have big fuck problem.

Question you need for ask self be as follow: Does Rabbit add for marry sex life with enrich fantasy life and flex orgasm muscle, or does Rabbit take away from marry sex life because you would rather spend time with Rabbit than with husband?

Svutlana assume Rabbit enhance your marry sex life, so vice Svutlana have for you be for share Rabbit with husband. No keep for self. First let husband touch Rabbit and play with buttons. Let husband use Rabbit on you, watch while you use Rabbit on self and use Rabbit on himself if he can figure out what for do with it since there no be any Rabbit hole.

Need you for act normal when introduce Rabbit for husband, Ms Rabbit. No make big deals about Rabbit with present it for husband like it be pointy-head partner that will join you and husband in raucous threesome or introduce it like it be puppet who talk like Russell Brand on helium. Simple whip out Rabbit and start for play. Svutlana hope that husband quick as bunny figure out that Rabbit be fun tool for whip you in for frenzy.


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