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Dear Svutlana,

The spa that I frequent is offering an Autumn Breast Lift Treatment that for $200 includes 80 minutes of pectoralis major and minor massage, lymph drainage, as well as a cream and mask application. The spa’s owner promised me it would make my nipples turn up again.

What do you think, Svutlana? I could really use a lift.


Dear Ms Droopy,

Thank you too much for uplift question, but where your nipples be, Ms Droopy? If somebody apply cream and mask for Svutlana breast with massage pectoralises, guarantee me, nipple immediate turn up like button on Thanksgive turkey. Surprise me complete, however, if nipple still be turn up by time Svutlana get for exit door of spa because pay $200 for sure make excite of nipples disappear. It cost less than $200 for drain lymphs and make buttons pop on Svutlana car.

But maybe you think problem be that your nipples pop up but point down. In this cases, maybe mask tighten skin and make your nipples temporary point up. But why for fuck you care about point-up nipple, Ms Droopy? Guarantee me, most mens (or lesbian womens) be happy happy for see breast and no care what direction nipples point unless they ask your breast for give directions.

Oh, it make me too sad for hear about all things womens feel they must do for get lift. Vice Svutlana have for you be for find somebody for do boob lube for free. Enjoy sensitivities of erotic massage, Ms Droopy, rather than worry about nipples that give directions for vagina.


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