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Mamma Mia Rose!!

Dear Svutlana,

A few days ago, when my husband and I came back home after visiting a friend, I went upstairs to our 7-year-old daughter’s room to see if she was sleeping well. Much to my surprise, she had found one of our vibrators (a Lelo Mia Rose, which looks like a lipstick). She had managed to turn it on, and was using it correctly, apparently enjoying herself.

It was so unexpected that I really didn’t know what to do. I suppose we simply forgot to remove the batteries and she found it in a drawer behind my dresses, started playing with it and at some point got the idea of putting it “down there”. I looked for some ten seconds, then I told her to stop. She saw me then, and looked embarrassed.

I just took the vibrator from her without saying a word, and put it back in place. I told her she shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t want to hurt her–I don’t want her to feel bad about her body or anything–but maybe because of the surprise and her age–she’s just 7!–I just didn’t know what to do. She said “Sorry” as I left the room.

I didn’t tell my husband and I didn’t talk to her about that again. But now I’m afraid I may have said something wrong. Maybe I should talk to her. But I don’t know what to say! Can you help me Svutlana?

Surprised and Worried

Dear Ms Surprise,

Oh, thank you too much for this extreme reverberate question, Ms Surprise. Svutlana feel too much for you. You obvious be extreme good mother desperate for do right thing with extreme smart daughter who no only figure out how for work buzz machine, but also discover best application for Mia Rose. It seem for me real problem that you describe be emotion pain that you feel because, guarantee me, daughter already move on. So first piece vice have Svutlana for you be for take deep breath and relax. You be okay.

For sure nobody expect for find 7-year-old daughter in process of self-please, but it seem for me that once become adult, everybody forget what it be like for be child. In Svutlana opinion, whether we like for think about or no, children be sexual–no in adult sense–but in most pure pleasure-seek sense. When Svutlana be little girl, love me for too much for slide down banister. Little Svutlana absolute no associate this behavior with sex because no understand what sex be; only understand that for some reason banister between leg feel extreme good.

In Svutlana mind, only thing daughter do wrong be for take something private that belong for you. Therefore, second piece vice have Svutlana for you, Ms Surprise, be for have discussion with daughter who need for understand exact what you mean when say, “You shouldn’t have done that…”

“You shouldn’t have done that” absolute no mean that it be wrong for find pleasure in body “down there”. “You shouldn’t have done that” mean that daughter should no take something that no belong for her without first ask for permissions.

Of course this open you up for daughter for come back for you with ask for permissions for use your buzz machine. Svutlana recommend that you add “Buzz machine be for adult use only” for your discussion and that it be one of these thing like operate fax machine that daughter must wait until she be little bit more old for use.

Have Svutlana one question for you, Ms Surprise: why you no tell husband about daughter? Svutlana suggest you tell him, but this be optional vice. It seem for me that husband should know how clever and intuitive his daughter be.


p.s. It surprise Svutlana little bit that you no pop Mia Rose into purse when go out for night with husband, Ms Surprise.


Comments on: "Mamma Mia Rose!!" (2)

  1. my mom told me she also used to like the sensation caused by sliding down the bannister . . .

    • Thank you too much for comment, Vaporland, and thank you too much for follow Svutlana for new blog…
      Further for your comment, Svutlana would spend inordinate amount of times at base of banister with experiment with assort sensations. Maybe your mother do this too…

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