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My friend insists that her husband put her into an “eroto-comatose state” in which she has incredibly intense orgasms that last for hours. Every night from 2am to 6am she has orgasms that on a couple of occasions have caused her to pass out. She has never felt anything approaching this coma-like frenzy before. Apparently, people in this state become oracles!

What could be causing this frenzy, Svutlana? And how do I get my husband to work me into an eroto-comatose state?

Dear Ms Frenzies,

Thank you too much for mind-numb question that for sure make many peoples feel their sex life be inferior because have single orgasm that arrive without coma-like frenzies. And, as if multiple orgasm that last for hours no be enough, eroto-comatose state also turn your friend in for Oracle of Delphuk!

Apologize me profuse, Ms Frenzies, but Svutlana be skeptical. Aside from orgasm that arrive at specific time each nights like train that arrive at Grand Central Station and remain for precise four hour before leave for Land of Woo-Hoo, word coma-like frenzy give Svutlana pause, Ms Frenzies. How many peoples in coma also be in frenzy?

Svutlana also hear term expanded orgasm use for describe state you describe where mind, body and soul come together in orgasm that go on and on and on. For sure it be extreme impressive goal for have multiple mind-body-soul orgasm that last for several hours, but how you think eroto-comatose states be possible when so many peoples have troubles with perform downward face dogs? You maybe wonder why your husband only be able for give you orgasm that come in shot glass contractions at random moments you can no use for set watch, but this be way orgasm usual occur.

Svutlana no throw out orgasm with coma, however. Eroto-comatose states have much for teach us:

1) With your mind, seek out new ways for make happy happy and no do fuxtrot dance with husband that always repeat same steps.

2) Do physical exercise and kegels each days for make your body physical fit and pubic floor firm with so can experience optimal orgasmic contractions and blood flow for genitals.

3) Let your soul be alive when make happy happy. Treat sex like meditation and stay in present moments.

If you do all these things Ms Frenzies, guarantee me, you will experience closest thing for eroto-comatose states you be capable for have.


Comments on: "Svutlana get in for eroto-comatose states" (2)

  1. in all honesty, maybe the writer’s friend needs to see a doctor – that situation hardly sounds normal or safe.

  2. Am no exact sure what kind of doctor friend need for see, but at very least, she probable suffer from sleep deprivations.

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