Where sex be happy happy

Dear Svutlana

I have been trying to have a squirting orgasm but I can’t! Is there anything I can do to get to that point?

My husband and I have tried G-spot stimulation and everything we have seen in videos; we even watched Lisa Lawless have a squirting orgasm. All to no avail. I would realy love to squirt and have that mind blowing experience. Is there something we’re missing or doing wrong?

Any help that you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Trying to Gush

Dear Ms Gush,

Thank you profuse much for question that overflow with angst, Ms Gush. What be it about squirt that make so many peoples want for do? Svutlana can only assume that male orgasm that produce spectacular spurts of opaque liquid with many ooh and ahh be orgasmic gold standard that many womens want for emulate.

Female ejaculate professional, Ms Lisa Lawless R.M., C.E.O.Psychotherapist, Ph.D. Candidate Founder of HolisticWisdom.com (Svutlana think maybe sex expert need so many credentials because everybody fuck, but sex expert fuck with knowledge), say…

“All women can learn to ejaculate as much as two cups of fluid and spray it across the length of a room!”

Sound like mind blow orgasm for peoples who also like good food fight.

Surprise me little bits that you think if watch Ms Lisa squirt all over places, you be able for squirt too, Ms Gush. Svutlana watch Julia Child many time and still have absolute no fuck ideas how for make beef bourguignon.

Svutlana be only one womens so you absolute no have for listen for me, Ms Gush, but Svutlana think desire for squirt, along with search for g-spot and quest for genital perfections be most pernicious form of sexual self-tyrannies. Why you demand that your periurethral glands produce squirt as if manner in which your body natural produce orgasms no be good enough?

Believe or no Svutlana have squirt orgasm from time for time–usual when happy happy be extend weekend version–and it feel absolute no different from squirt-free orgasm. Squirt orgasm simple be much more wet. If have choices, Svutlana would prefer for no have orgasm that feel like water just break and maybe baby be next in line for come out.

Svutlana have absolute no problems with squirt. If squirt happen and womens enjoy, squirt be fine but you should never approach happy happy like you be Girl or Boy Scout who must get all happy happy badges or else you be big fuck loser.

Svutlana make Squirt badge in PowPoint and give especial for you, Ms Squirt, for all your valiant yet misdirect efforts for have what you think will be mind blow orgasm.


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