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Dear Svutlana,

I’ve been married for only four years, but my sex life with my husband is just so-so and becoming less so, and I think I know why. I have a fetish that I have been extremely reluctant to share with him. I love to watch fat people gorge themselves.

I have a two-part question for you Svutlana: how do I tell my husband about my obese eating orgy fetish and how do get my hands on some big fat gastro porno?

By the way, in case you or any of your followers were wondering, I do not, under ANY circumstances, want to have sex with a fat person—my husband is an Iron Man in every sense of the word and competed in Hawaii last year—I just like to watch fat people eat.

Kentucky Fried Fetish

Dear Ms Kentucky,

Thank you too much for first fetish question on new Svutlana blog, Ms Kentucky. Fetish, for those of you who have fetish for words, come from Portuguese feitiço that mean “charm or sorcery.” In other word, fetish be object or situation that have supernatural erotic powers and cast random spells on peoples. Fat fetish gorge fairy touch Ms Kentucky between leg with wand and make her feel sexual stimulations when watch fat peoples eat.

Svutlana love fetish too much because through fetish, beauty, mystery and hilarity of sex express itself in most poetical fashions.

Svutlana always try for determine what origin of particular fetish be as if this be exercise worthy for do. Maybe you like for watch fat peoples eat because this be behavior you deny yourself, Ms Kentucky. Maybe see you something extreme sensuous in way fat peoples eat. Maybe as child you be arouse at same times as see fat peoples eat and arousal become condition. Who for fuck know?

Your fetish be epic fetish poetry, Ms Kentucky, but what Svutlana no like one little bit about your question be how you say you like for watch fat peoples eat, but you make it absolute clear that husband be extreme fit and you no under ANY circumstance want for make happy happy with fat peoples. In Svutlana opinion, you need for have little bit more respect for objects of your lust, Ms Kentucky.

When you tell husband about your fetish, no make mistake most fetish peoples make with act like you be total freak who need for make total freaky announcement. Simple say you have obese orgy fetish like it be preference for particular brand of breakfast cereal and if husband no share your fetish he be total freak.

As far as Svutlana know, there be no such thing as gastro porns, but no let that stop you, Ms Kentucky. Vice Svutlana have for you (and everybody who read Svutlana blog) be for create your own fetish scrapbook of things that turn you on. There be absolute no needs for scrapbooking for be big fucking bore hobby.

You can go for mall and buy fetish scrapbook today, Ms Kentucky. And while you be there, check out big peoples who eat at food court in mall. Can maybe take pictures for your fetish scrapbook.

Here be picture for get you start…


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