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Dear Svutlana,

My husband and I have been married for ten years. The problem is he wants sex a lot more often than I do. Why? Because over the course of our marriage he has put on 80 pounds which puts his BMI at 33.9–well into the obese range. I simply don’t find my husband’s body attractive and this has affected my sex drive. On the only occasion that I very gently told him why my libido is so low, he had a tantrum and refused to sleep with me for three weeks. And he refused to lose weight.

I have made every effort to convince him that I want him to be “healthy” so that he can live longer and feel better about himself. I cook healthy food and exercise regularly in the hopes of being a role model, but he will not change his bad habits. Next time he complains about my low libido do I tell him not so gently how I feel about his jumbo weight, Svutlana?

Married A Hottie Not a Fattie

Dear Ms Hottie Fattie,

Thank you too much for give Svutlana second BMI question in one week, Ms Hottie Fattie. Svutlana get many letter from husband who complain about balloon wife who refuse for lose baby fat or let self go, but Svutlana rare get letter from wife who complain about jumbo husband (and never with measure BMI for one decimal point). It seem for me that it be more okay for have bikini contest where mens judge womens body than have Speedo contest where womens judge mens body.

Womens know when husband get fat and maybe no like one bit, but no write for Svutlana because feel bad for think husband be fat, as if have no rights for put husband inside Speedo and give him score out of ten. Mens, on other hand, look at balloon wife like maybe she product with defect that blow up after bring home from store. For some reasons, many mens have no problems with send letter for Svutlana complain department.

That be said, you write letter for complain department about fat husband so that make you special womens Ms Hottie Fattie, but unfortunate, you no get prize from Svutlana. Apologize me profuse for spend long times with get for point, but unfortunate, Svutlana have absolute no vice for you.

Everybody have sex recipe for turn-on that list favourite ingredient for sex, and at top of list for many peoples be body size. If husband no come close for match sex recipe then he no turn you on. You can try for shut eye or only look at gashooshlank that always be same size no matter how big husband get, even if one day maybe you have trouble for find, but for sure this take much happy out of happy happy for you.

You can try carrot or you can try stick or you can even try carrot stick, but nothing will work until husband see pain of fat hurt more than pleasure in food and no exercise. Maybe you increase pain of fat with no desire for husband and no sex, but if get husband depress with no sex maybe he eat more for feel better and he get even more big.

You no mention if you love husband, Ms Hottie Fattie. Svutlana see red flag all over places when forget for mention love and use “healthy” in quote mark. For sure you see red too. You look at husband and think he wear big fat sign that say, “Have me jumbo size body and want me jumbo size sex and no care me one little bit what you want!”

For some marry couple, sex be event that happen in wrestle ring. Other problem in marriage come for fight it out in sex wrestle ring when, for examples, one partner withhold sex for punish other partner. Some time it be kinky peoples on one side of marry sex wrestle ring and “normal” peoples on other side. For you, Ms Hottie Fattie, it husband with big body on one side of wrestle ring and you with low libido on other.

Who win big sex fight?

Svutlana be extreme sorry for say that nobody ever win in sex wrestle ring, Ms Hottie Fattie, until someone start for give one fuck about somebody other than self.


Comments on: "Big Sex Fight in Marry Wrestle Ring" (2)

  1. she can ignore him in bed if she wants, but men always find someone to sleep with, one way or another, even if (especially if?) he’s obese.

    exhibit a: silvio berlusconi

  2. You make excellent point, Vaporland. Silvio Berlusconi be little fat mens who attract many womens, but main attraction of this mens be his charm. Obesity have many possible bedfellows: it attract other obese peoples, fetish peoples and peoples who just like for be surround with soft. Svutlana be hard, angular womens so like soft mens because it be like Svutlana be wrap inside pastry.

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