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I have this thing where I really enjoy a woman stepping on my balls. Although it does NOT hurt, when I was a lot younger, it was easy to get a woman to do this. As I get older, it becomes harder and harder to get a woman to agree to step on my balls. Is there any help you can provide?

Dear Mr Steps,

Thank you too much for testicular question that absolute do NO hurt, Mr Steps, but for sure make balls of peoples who read (and some ovaries) assume defensive postures. It seem for me that as womens get more old she have more experiences with testicles, and as womens have more testicular experiences she can no help but feel empathy for balls. Or maybe all womens feel sorry for older balls and no want for add for wear and tear. Who know? All Svutlana know be when have empathy for anything, it be more difficult for step on it.

That be said, Svutlana have no problems with step on your balls if you tell me how for step on and assure me it no hurt you one little bits. Enjoy step on balls be like eat little plate with sardine, hot peppers and blue cheeses. If say you like, Svutlana prepare for you even if wonder what for fuck.

Simple need you for find womens like Svutlana with open minds who believe you when you say your balls be make with special indestructible materials that also be use for make black box inside airplane. Be sure for give this womens explicit instructions with tell her how for step on your balls. You no want stiletto heel for impale your scrotal sac, but maybe flip flop or Croc feel nice for testicles.

Sometime we get all freak out about our desires and we unconscious attract peoples who can no satisfy our needs. Svutlana think maybe you need for repeat positive affirmation, Mr Steps. “Mr Steps be magnet for womens who loooove for step on testicles!” Place this affirmation on sticky note all around home and repeat for self one hundred time each days.

If you do affirmation for thirty day and ball step womens no start for form line outside your front door with bounce up and down on their toes, Svutlana come for your house with Crocs.

Actual, Svutlana find it more easy for step on testicle than step in for Croc.

warm regard you too much,

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