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I like your blog and hope you can help me as I have an annoying problem for you. I think you’d call it a sex peeve. My husband brings his handheld device to bed every night (and I’m not referring to his penis!). He checks his email before and after sex and sometimes I can feel him tense up if it beeps while we’re in the act! Nothing annoys me more than him rolling off me to pick up his emails after we make love…and sometimes he even answers them!!!

How should I handle this? So far I’ve politely asked him not to bring his BlackBerry to bed, but he insists that he must be accessible 24/7 because it is the expectation of his company. I don’t want to get him into trouble with his boss, but does anybody reasonably expect to receive a reply to their email at midnight?

Device Advice Required

Dear Ms Device,

Thank you too much for question about connectivity problem that for sure negative affect many marriages, Ms Device. Svutlana no be sure what be more problematic: husband who choose BlackBerry over you or husband who still use BlackBerry. Unfortunate Research In Motion, although have analingus RIM acronym, can no position BlackBerry as sex object. Aside from vibrate option that for sure entice many businesswomens for place BlackBerry Bold inside pantie, handheld device most often be object that distract from sex.

Accord for one survey, 87% of peoples with handheld device take it inside bedroom, 85% check for email in middle of night and 35% of peoples would choose device over spouse. Svutlana no be exact sure if 35% of peoples simple prefer for interface with device over partner or would want for hand in wife or husband and keep handheld device, but for sure advent of tiny technologies be big bad news for many marriage.

It seem for me that problem be device always have little surprise inside and, if can keep up with beep, give illusion that you be in control of your life. Think about. Element of surprise and illusion of control be two high seduce thing that be difficult for anyone for compete with unless you be in new relationship where you be at other end of device with send surprise message.

Husband addiction for his device before and after sex be beyond your controls, Ms Device, however you can insist that while you make happy happy, Blackberry no be de fuckto partner in threesome. Simple place Blackberry inside special soundproof box mark “Messages that be less important than orgasm” and place box inside closet. Physical removal of device symbolize that it be outside husband consciousness and label on box remind him that “fucking beep” never herald message that be textual equivalent of fucking.


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