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My marriage is great with the exception that my wife won’t perform oral sex on me, even though she pretty much expects it from me. Is this fair? 69 is my favorite position, but we never do it. Should I boycott laplicking until I get some satisfaction of my own? How can I help her come around to my way of thinking? Or should I just back off and deal with it as a fantasy?

Need some reciprocation

Dear Mr Reciprocate,

Thank you extreme much for ask question about oral please that make Svutlana check time stamp on your email for make sure it no come from 1962. For Svutlana, oral sex be mandatory pubic service and should be on everybody sex menu. That be said, swallow semen with say “Yum yum yum!!” should no be mandatory, nor should be 69 position that in Svutlana opinion be too much that happen at same times, like try for swallow sword while somebody juggle you. But maybe this just be Svutlana.

Maybe in 1962, when everybody smoke cigarette and eat aspic with little bit chicken mousse inside and think at same times that genital be bad thing for put inside mouth, you can get away with wiggle out of oral sex. In 1962, oral sex be fringe art most often perform by professional and against law in many place. But today oral please be legal in most places.

In marry life, there almost always be consequence when refuse for perform oral sex for best of abilities, with most unhappy consequence be that partner find somebody else for do. Oral sex feel too good for throw hand up in air and say “Oh well, guess me for rest of life must think about oral sex from time for time or watch oral sex movie and this be good enough for me!” In Svutlana opinion, imaginary oral should never be good enough for anybody.

Problem you have, Mr Reciprocate, be that wife never have for experience any consequence of withhold oral please except maybe indirect if get you little bit huffy. Therefore if you try for boycott laplick now, guarantee me, wife get extreme piss off. Now maybe you think (and Svutlana tend for agree) who care if wife get piss off because she deserve for be, but before you cut off tongue, you need for explain concept of mandatory oral reciprocity for wife in way that she can relate for.

You need for light two candle and pour two glass wine and have wife describe for you exact how oral sex with you feel for her. Then you need you for ask if it be fair that you have absolute nothing for say for describe how fellatio with her feel because she never do.

Now ask why wife why she no want for give you oral sex. There be many possible reason and many possible solution, but you need for know exact what problem be. There be extreme good chance she say she just find it complete disgust and if she say this, guarantee me, you will just sit there with open mouth and absolute no ideas what for say. But be careful, Mr Reciprocate, because there be extreme good chance conversation roll down hills at accelerate speeds from here with hit rock bottoms when you say something for her about how she taste like can of chickens from seas. Please never say something fishy in context of oral please, even if you get extreme extreme frustrate.

Vice have Svutlana for you be for keep ask why. If wife say oral sex be complete disgust ask why. When say no like idea of penis inside mouth ask why. When say because it be dirty ask why. Eventual, you will get for chicken mousse inside aspic that you can send for Svutlana in form of new question.


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