Where sex be happy happy

Have me absolute no ideas about who do math or how, but Svutlana read today in India newspaper answer for question that ponder me for some times. How many peoples in world make happy happy on any give days? Apparent, answer be 100 million.

For sure 100 million be ballpark figure–approximate two thousand ballparks of peoples make happy happy each days.

Or two extreme large cube of pennies…

Think about volume of ejaculate that 100 million happy happy pennies generate be too much for Svutlana, but Svutlana do math anyway with estimate 420,000 liters of semens per day. Implicit in Svutlana semens calculations be that relative more mens make happy happy than womens due for lavish participations of gay mens.

Speak of lavish, if want for lavish attentions on beauty and varieties of 100 million sexual expressions, go for Sex No Be Enemy.

Svutlana hope you be part of 100 million happy happy throngs,


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