Where sex be happy happy

Dear Svutlana,

I’m in my fifties and married and it’s my impression based on conversations with my friends that there is not a lot of sex going on around me. Even with Viagra. There seems to be a bottleneck occurring, if you know what I mean, where excess male demand is meeting up with limited female supply.

What’s going on, Svutlana?

Fifty and Still Stiffy

Dear Mr Stiffy,

Thank you too much for logistical question, Mr Stiffy. Bottleneck with excess demands and little supplies remind Svutlana of times when use for forecast pills at big drugged company. Give me little bit shivers for remember this.

It be extreme rare for peoples for tell truth about sex life for stranger with clipboard who try for count number of fucks with scientific large sample size, so we never know exact amount of sex that go on around us, Mr Stiffy. That be said, Svutlana have couple of theories for share with you that for sure you can appreciate.

Accord for Svutonomic theory base on Pareto Law that Svutlana quote verbatims from seminal Svutonomic text entitle Sex of Nations…

20% of peoples have 80% of sex that leave 80% of peoples with fight over remain 20%

Think about. Many peoples assume that everybody else have more sex than they do. If you be incline for ponder this question, guarantee me you be among 80% majority who fight over 20% sex supply. Peoples also tend for assume that friends have better sex than they do and in most case they be wrong. If you hang out with these peoples, chance be their sex life be of rough same quality. In other word, if you have bad sex, chance be your friends have bad sex too.

This be Svutonomic law of flock that also be Svutlandian proverb:

Birds of feather fuck together

So you and friends in fifties who share same low-frequency sex lives believe that because there be Viagra, middle-age womens must be for blame for limit supply. You walk around with Viagra-induce stiffie and nowheres for stuff it except for maybe inside professional space that charge big fee for short-term rentals.

It be true that desire tend for decrease in middle-ages, but this no necessary need for be case. Svutlana theory be that in early years desire for sex come from body and mind seem for go along for ride, but as we get little bit more old, desire need for come from mind first or it no come at all.

Except with Viagra. Viagra give middle-age mens physical desire where mind no need for get too involve, whereas middle-age womens still need full involvement of mind before body can be convince for go anywheres. Womens be at big disadvantage against Viagra, Mr Stiffy, which be yet one more reason why Svutlana no like Viagra one little bit! For womens, Viagra can make stiffy seem like one more chore she have for do…

Vice have Svutlana for you be for tell all your friends for do their parts for improve supply of sex. Understand that wife need mind full involve before body get arouse and no other way around. Make wife feel desirable and encourage her for feel desire inside herself with take care of herself and nurture her sexual needs. Take time and effort for do excite things you never do before with her and you will see how easy it be for break through bottleneck and become part of 20% of peoples who make 80% of happy happy.


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