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Dear Svutlana,

I’m a guy with a fantasy where I want to have a strap-on dildo inserted into me. I’ve mentioned it to past girlfriends, but none have believed me when I told them that I am not gay. I am just curious about anal play! Any thoughts on how to bring this up with my current girlfriend? Is this something that appeals to you, Svutlana?

Dear Mr Out There,

Thank you too much for anal question that always be welcome on Svutlana blog where asses never be tight.

Svutana congratulate you profuse for be in touch with what you want and no be afraid for ask. For those who no be familiar with anal lingo, what Mr Out There want be call peg. Peg have nothing for do with sexual preference and everything for do with anal sensitivities. You be smart mens (and brave) for ask girlfriend for take aim with strap-on device at region with thousand nerve endings.

For be honest, idea of peg appeal for Svutlana, but so far have no opportunities for express interests because right moment never arrive at neighborhood meet and greet. Svutlana never see appetizer on skewer that be excellent peg conversation opener.

Svutlana recommend that, rather than ask girlfriend for peg right off bats that be little bits like ask amateur cook such as Svutlana for prepare blowfish that maybe kill you, ask girlfriend for anal play in increase large doses. Start with insert finger and work your way up for anal plug, anal bead, dildo that no be attach for girlfriend and strap-on that be attach. This be what Svutlana call frog-inside-pot approach for sex.

If place frog immediate in boil water because you be excite for cook, frog jump right out with screams. But if gradual turn up heat, frog no notice one little bit and no try for escape. Similar, when you want somebody for do something that be complete “out there”, start with something little bit strange and work your way up from there, so for speaks.


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