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What are vaginal barbells and how can they treat my vaginal atrophy? Can’t I just insert a pill down there instead?

Dear Ms Atrophy,

Thank you profuse for letter, Ms Atrophy, that Svutlana post on Halloween because vaginal atrophies be when vagina become little bit scare like haunt house.

Yes, Ms Atrophy, apparent there be vaginal suppositories such as Vagifem tablet that be insert “down there” for treat vaginal atrophy. Vagifem be estrogen and risk of use…well, put me this way: if can read home page of Vagifem website with no be scare, be you more strong womens than Svutlana. In Svutlana opinion, possible cancer, heart attack, stroke, blood clot and dementia side-effects no look any less scary when they come in lavender color.

Think maybe this be good point for Svutlana for pause and explain what vaginal atrophy be. Vaginal atrophy be condition that affect as many as 40% of postmenopause womens. With decrease of estrogen that come with menopause, vagina lose moisture and walls can become thin with cracks that make intercourse painful.

Vagifem be little bit like polyfilla for vagina, but you should no reach for it first. In Svutlana opinion, it be better for approach atrophy with kegel barbell exercise and regular happy happy (alone or with partner) that brush away any vaginal cobwebs and get blood flow for vagina walls. It be better for do kegel and make happy happy now, Ms Atrophy, than for insert Vagifem tablet that maybe fuck you later on in life.

For those of you who no be exact sure what vaginal barbell be, here be picture of Betty Barbell develop by Dr Betty Dodson:

Look little bit like should march in parade with vaginal barbell in hand for beat drum and this be exact what we do in Svutlandia on first Monday in April that be Kegel Day, but for be honest is better for insert barbell inside vagina because it do much good there.

Problem with most exercise program be that reward seem for be long way off. Wait and wait for reward no be case with Betty Barbell routine because orgasm reward be build in for workout. Before you know it, you will have most strong vagina in town (although probable not as strong as Guinness record hold womens who can lift cocker spaniel with vagina).

In Dr Betty orgasm workshop, Dr Betty have perineometer that measure exact how strong vagina be. If womens score 100 with squeeze, everybody in class cheer for her because she have vaginal equivalent of firm handshake. You no want for have vagina that give limp handshake because limp handshake give bad impression of vagina and make peoples think your vagina be pessimistic or untrustworthy.

Aunt Svutdixie be happy happy for see she have strong, optimistic, trustworthy vagina

Svutlana strong recommend that all womens buy set of vaginal barbell and get for work it. However Svutlana absolute no recommend partner buy womens barbells because if you give womens gift that imply her vagina be in need of tighten, guarantee me, something scary will happen.

Happy happy Halloween for everybody!

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