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Was that accidental anal question for real? I’m a guy and can’t believe it’s possible to give a woman anal accidentally. I can believe however that the guy wanted anal and didn’t want to go through the proper channels.

Dear Mr Channels,

Thank you too much for clarification question, Mr Channels. Answer for your question be that yes, question be for real and yes, anal penetrate can happen accidental if mens be unable for control his instrument.

Think about mechanics of how this maybe happen. You be in middle of make happy happy and you be in rhythms. With rhythms of sex for lull you, your mind start for wander. You start for think about what for do tomorrow or how much your car cost for fix (coincidental, tomorrow while wait for car fix, you think about sex). In midst of daydreams you fall out of vagina. When this happen you panic and push hard back in, but at moment of pull out angle of gashooshlank change ever so slight and this change trajectory so that, rather than reenter vagina, you enter anus. Hard.

Partner scream and happy happy immediate come for screech halt. Partner can no sit comfortable for three day and bowel movement feel like she try for pass set of steak knives. You apologize profuse, but partner think you just try for kill her and can no accept apologies or even breathe for several minutes while she try for process what just happen and think about if she ever want for have sex again.

Now consider it be no accident. Partner purpose exit vagina and reenter anus because he prefer something little bit more tight around gashooshlank and can no be bother with go through proper channels with ask for anal sex. Type of person who do this probable be type of person who make even sex doll close up orifice tight, but psychopathy issue aside, it would require fair bit of coordination for switch from vagina for anus on fly.

If have even cursory knowledge of anus base on your own experience of have one, you know that ram stick inside at high speeds is probable going for hurt. You maybe get only one thrust (two at most if partner go in for shocks) if try for stage anal “accident” for your own pleasures because pain be so excruciate that partner scream and start for cry.

Who for fuck would do this?

Svutlana rest cases.


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