Where sex be happy happy


Dear Svutlana,

I am male. At age 76, I am in relationship with a woman few years older than myself. She wants me to give her manual satisfaction since I can’t get an erection and she is capable of getting an orgasm at least every night. How unusual is it at our age and are there any negative consequences? It has been suggested to us that, at our age, the urge should be suppressed or controlled.

Senior Satisfaction

Dear Mr Senior,

Am no exact sure what question you ask Svutlana, Mr Senior. Do you ask Svutlana if it be unusual for make manual happy happy with womens who be rough 80 years old, or do you ask if it be unusual for womens who be rough 80 years old for be capable of have orgasm at least every night. Svutlana think it be safe for say that it be fair unusual on both count, Mr Senior. Guarantee me, many womens who be half 80 years or less would envy your octogenorgasmic girlfriend and wonder if she do kegels or if daily orgasm be side-effect from medications.

Congratulate profuse for girlfriend, Mr Senior. If she be in Svutlandia, for sure girlfriend be on corporate lunch and learn circuit so that everybody can learn how for follow her examples.

That be said, it trouble Svutlana extreme much that you ask me about negative consequences of happy happy at your age and say somebody tell you that sex urge in elderly need for be suppress or control as if elderly orgasm be problem that pose threat for society. It seem for me that need us for increase supply of elderly orgasm and no decrease. Control your sexual desire so can conform with what society think be age appropriate be one of worst forms of sexual self-tyranny.

Svutlana be extreme please if pick up newspaper one morning and see headline…

If it be up for Svutlana, every room in nurse home come equip with buzz machine and tub of KY Jelly (in strawberry flavor in case accidental put on toast). In Svutlana nurse home that Svutlana entitleĀ Happy Happy Place for Extreme Happy Seniors, pornography be free available for everybody and pet visits and edible windowsill garden have new meanings. Elder years be perfect time for sex, but unfortunate no too many peoples think for do, especial on windowsill.

Vice have Svutlana for you, Mr Senior, be for please girlfriend with hand, but no stop there. Also use toes and tongue and buzz machine too. And please no give up on your gashooshlank with say you can no have erection. Obvious you listen too much for George Burn who say elder sex be like play pool with rope. Maybe you can take drug for give you erection or maybe you can insert pump inside for prop up. Who know? But need you for explore all possibles, but make sure you have protections–STDs desire elderly populations as much as young peoples.

Feel Svutlana extreme excite for you, Mr Senior, and wish you and girlfriend many years of mutual satisfy happy happy. And for everybody else please remember: there be no age limit for happy happy.


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