Where sex be happy happy

Glory be!


What is a glory hole?


Dear Ms Gloria,

Thank you too much for definition question that be new category for Svutlana blog. Glory hole be something Svutlana think she know definition for, but feel need for verify just for be sure…

Yes, Svutlana have correct definition so can continue with post, but will frame in terms womens can relate for. Can understand me complete why you no know what glory hole be, Ms Gloria, because glory hole, like prostitute, pole dance, lap dance, Pussycat Doll, sex doll, phone sex, lesbian porn, What Happen in Vegas Stay in Vegas and threesome with twins, be for men. Imagine, Ms Gloria, there be special toilet bowl for womens that you can sit on that have anonymous person inside who will do whatever you want them for do for your genitals.

Glory hole be male equivalent of glory bowl, Ms Gloria, but with hole in wall of bathroom or similar facility for stick penis. Anonymous sex that glory hole offer be welcome in many quarters, particular in gay culture. Svutlana have nothing bad for say about gay culture, however if Svutlana have penis, last thing Svutlana would want for do be for stick it inside anonymous hole.

Svutlana wonder what be on other side of glory hole…

Can understand me titillations if all go accord for plans, but maybe there be hungry mistreat alligator from Marineland on other side of glory hole. Maybe there be Holly Petraeus with Ginsu knife on other side. Maybe there be barrista with pipe hot grande Americano ready for pour on other side.

Svutlana worry that glory hole become gory hole.

And what of glory bowl? Svutlana think inside glory bowl there be cold speculum that be poise for fuck me like Terminator…

Maybe it just be Svutlana inherent mistrust of free samples, but Svutlana no have guts for glory.


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