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I’m a 34-year-old woman who has been married for five years. Three years into our marriage, my husband finally mustered the courage to tell me about his diaper fetish. At the time I was supportive, even though it did seem odd, especially given the fact that he is a senior executive with a very responsible position that demands a lot of discipline and self-control.

To be completely honest, he’s so good-looking and such a wonderful guy that I was worried about losing him if I seemed less than thrilled about indulging his fetish.

In the beginning he just wanted me to talk down to him; he’d come in his diaper and that would be the end of it. We’d do the diaper thing once a week. But now, a year and a half later, his fetish is starting to bother me. Now it’s all he ever wants to do and “normal” sex is off the menu. And his fetish has progressed to elaborate scenarios complete with frilly baby outfits and baby bottles a play room that used to be my exercise room but now houses his play pen and a jolly jumper. Sometimes it takes a full day of playtime role-play to satisfy him and he makes me feel guilty if I refuse.

I feel like he’s being selfish, but don’t want him to do what I want just for the sake of doing what I want, so I’ve resorted to orgasms in the bath tub to satisfy myself. The whole situation is making me sick. What should I do?

Chronic Diaper Irritation

Dear Ms Diaper,

Thank you too much for question that illustrate exact why in Svutlandia we have Declaration of Fetish ceremony before couple get marry so there be no surprise later in marriage when diaper appear and “normal” sex life as you know it disappear. You ask what Svutlana think when read your letter. For be complete honest, ‘holy shit!’ be what Svutlana think.

Have Svutlana absolute no ideas why husband like diaper so much, Ms Diaper. Maybe husband like for go back to time in life when job be very easy for do. For sure Freud say husband have problem with potty train. Maybe husband get excite when think about how work life be goose step where must perform with high efficiencies and sex life be Mother Goose where have for do fuck all. Who know?

Husband need for understand immediate that do you EXTREME BIG sex favor with diaper. Professional womens charge big money for play big bossy mommy with little baby mens who fill diaper. Unfortunate, let you go this extreme far, Ms Diaper.You be extreme strong womens. And little bit weak too.

But time has come for you for change diaper. Unfortunate, this no be one bit easy. Maybe you give order when husband be in diaper, but he definite be in charge of your sex life. Guarantee me, husband no give up diaper without make big stinks. Maybe year and half ago you can train husband, but now baby sex be hardwire and no be one bit easy for change. Once sex have hardwire–when diaper + baby clothe + jolly jump = orgasm–it more easy for change Einstein formula than change husband who want sex with baby formula.

But believe or no, Ms Diaper, husband have big problem now too. Husband have big problem because baby food sex that he crave be extreme hard for find. Problem you have, Ms Diaper, be that you think what husband need be more important than what you need.

Vice have Svutlana for you be very simple: believe you deserve good sex life just like husband and good sex life no be orgasm alone in bathtub! Sit down with husband and tell him exact what you will and will no do for indulge his fetish.

Maybe husband stay sex baby forever and never go back for same solid food sex menu as you. Ever. Need you for hear this because if husband refuse for acknowledge your needs you will have decision for make. You may have for throw out both baby and orgasm in bath water.


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