Where sex be happy happy

When sex make retch

Hello Svutlana,

I am a 20-something female and have been married for five years. My husband and I have three beautiful daughters!! I love my husband more than anything, but we haven’t had a routine sex life for years!! maybe once a month, usually less. I feel horrible and so does he. My husband wants sex but I just have no desire and it’s nasty to me.. sex should be something enjoyable for both, not feel gross! the sight of his penis makes me wanna vomit… I know that sounds awful but I can’t help what I feel…

I was just wondering if there are any other women who share my feelings…. I don’t want to feel totally alone in this….

Thank you

Dear Ms Vomit,

Thank you too much for question about aesthetic and emetic qualities of penis. Guarantee me, there be mens out there who think vulva and vagina no be cupcakes with sprinkles either, Ms Vomit. For sure you no be alone in world with repulsion for genitals and you no have for look far for find like-mind community on world wild web, but feel gross about sex when you be marry for somebody who want sex no be happy happy place for be.

In fact, feel gross about sex usual be asexual place for be, Ms Vomit. You have “two beautiful daughters!!” and now sex that be gross no longer be necessary.

Unfortunate, base on one paragraph Svutlana can no determine with certainty that you be asexual womens and have absolute no fuck ideas what cause of penile pukes be Ms Vomit, but you owe it for yourself and for husband for try for find out with talk for sex therapist. In meantimes, vice have Svutlana for you be for cultivate feel of fascinate with study gashooshlank in extreme details. Any time you feel revulsion for anything, rather than run away with icks, Svutlana vice be for become curious about it.

In next post, Svutlana give you short lesson for get you start on Svutlana Penile Revulsion Reduction program, but until then consider that AVEN–Asexual Visibility and Education Network–define asexual as “someone who does not experience sexual attraction” and think about if it apply for you.

Here be asexual flag (everybody need flag for identification in sex parade):

Black stripe symbolize asexuality; grey stripe be grey-asexual and demi-sexuality that mean sexuality only under certain conditions; white be sexuality and purple be community.

Stay tune Ms Vomit, and warm regard you too much!


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