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Dear Svutlana,

I just found out my new boyfriend likes nudity. He’s a “naturist”, a nudist. I don’t know him that well yet; it’s not like he was hiding it from me, but I might not have continued going out with him if I had known that a month ago, when we started dating. Oh Svutlana, maybe I’m a little bit too prudish, but I can’t cope with the idea of him going nude around other women! And maybe I’m too self-conscious myself, but I can’t bring myself to be naked around strangers! Probably I should just dump him, but now I sort of like him already, so I don’t want to do that. I’m wondering what you’d do in my position. Maybe I’m not as liberal as I thought I was…

Afraid Of Public Nudity

Dear Ms Nudity,

Thank you too much for think about Svutlana when think about nakedness, Ms Nudity. Make Svutlana extreme happy this! Hopeful, you like way that Svutlana answer your extreme tantalize question.

It seem for me that problem you have be with sexualize naked, but if boyfriend be true naturist, he no think one little bit about sex as part of his naturism. Believe or no, naturism be both political and social movement that often embrace element of environmentalism and extreme healthy lifestyle. Desire for nudity maybe have root in egalitarianism because clothes reflect status, or maybe nudity be desire for be in sympathy with nature, or maybe boyfriend just like for feel warm breeze on gashooshlank. Who know?

If you go for naturist Lady Godiva horseback ride or naturist hike or naked canoe paddle that be call canude or just hang out at nudist resort, you will no see mens who gawk at womens breast with big boner that stick out. You will peoples who act in every way like they have clothes on, but they be naked.


Boyfriend be nudist; be you textilist. You and boyfriend be like vegan and carnivore of clothing.

Vice have Svutlana for you be simple: talk for boyfriend about nudism. Say that you be textilist at moment, but you want for understand what his philosophy be, how he first become attract for take off clothes and what this lifestyle give him.

You have problem with nudity because you believe that naked be wrong except in sexual or hygiene or medical context. No feel bad, Ms Nudity. Many peoples feel this way because society highly sexualize nudity, especial nudity of womens, and it be difficult for get head around entire opposite point of view.

Please no dump this boyfriend because he give you gift of open mind for different lifestyle and, more important, opportunity for question what you think you know. Peoples pay lot of money to psychotherapist for expand mind in way that you get for free from naturist boyfriend. Guarantee me, if boyfriend no be trustworthy around naturist womens who hold no naked surprises for him, he no be trustworthy around textilist womens that simple require little bit imagination for make nude.

For sure if continue for see this mens, one day will have you for cross Nudicon. When this day come, for sure you travel light.


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