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Dear Svutlana,

I am writing to you because it seems easier than telling someone face-to-face. I had a negative comment by a lady with whom I had sexual activities. She said I come too much which made me start worrying a little. Before you know it, I had started to search online for semen volume and found one sentence that immediately worried me completely.

“Regular ejaculation of more than 5.5ml is called hyperspermia and is considered abnormal…”

It went on to say it could have a negative impact on chances of having kids. Now, I’m not thinking of having kids yet, but am worried that this might be a problem when I do. I’ve done a few self-tests and I have yet to produce less than the figure mentioned, and on most occasions it is double or more (between 11 and 23ml). This is obviously very worrying – should I go see a doctor about this? I can’t get the word ‘abnormal’ out of my head!

Too Heavy Load

Dear Mr Load,

Thank you too much for heavy question, Mr Load. Please calm self down immediate. Abnormal be word that apply for everyone from time for time and for Svutlana for most of times, so embrace abnormal word as signifier of your sublime uniqueness inside universe.

That be said, you definite be in top percentile of semen production and this may require some medical investigate, but only if you wish for sire childrens. You can have SCSA test (Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay) that defragment sperm for check DNA. There seem for be correlate between high semen volume and immature sperm that lack point on top of head and be unable for penetrate egg, but you need for take test for be sure.

All that be said, beauty of hyperspermia definite be in eye of blow loader. Behold this, Mr Load:


Accord for Semenax™ peoples, you fill partner for overflow and finish like porn star, Mr Load. You be abnormal in way mens pay lot of monies for sememulate.

Vice have Svutlana for you be for warn womens in advances that have you extreme large load. Tell womens for stand back and say she be responsible for cause your testicles for work overtimes for produce more volume than L’oreal put inside sachet with apricot face mask. No womens can resist this compliment that for sure she never receive before.


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