Where sex be happy happy

Due for popular demands, here be Svutlana gashooshlank shortbread recipe for celebrate festive holiday season…

Need you:

2 cup flour for all-purposes (no use cake and pastry flour or dainty little gashooshlanks will fall apart when you try for lift them from cookie sheet…hate me when this happen)
1/2 cups fruit sugar (Svutlana can no find fruit sugar this years so use organic sugars)
1/2 pounds of butter (Svutlana gashooshlank shortbread no be for feint of hearts)
1 egg yolk
jar of maraschino cherries (maraschino come from Italian word marasca that mean bitter wild cherry and add untame element for Svutlana gashooshlank shortbread)

Make butter soft with place in warm room
Cream butter, sugar, yolk and one cup flour together and gradual add other cup flour until can lift out of bowl and play with dough with hands
Knead dough and continue for add flour until it no longer stick for fingers
Place dough ball inside refrigerator overnight
Next day, roll out dough with roll pin and make in for little gashooshlanks with testicle attach (sell us genital cookie cutters in Svutlandia–same truck with bells that sell sex toy also sell sexual bake instruments–but maybe you have for cut gashooshlank cookie freehand…who know?)
Add little bit maraschino cherry on top (Svutlana add 1/4 cherry for shaft because if put on tip it look like gashooshlank have extreme bad venereal diseases)

Bake in oven at 325 ℉ for 15 for 20 minutes (it be good idea for use parchment papers on top cookie sheet so gashooshlanks no burn)

Here be batch of gashooshlanks that Svutlana bake this morning…


Now Svutlana must go for trim festive inflate doll tree.

Happy happy holidays for you!!

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