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For pee or no for pee

Hi Svutlana,

I have a weird pee fetish thing that I don’t think is very common. I haven’t confided in many people about it because I’m embarrassed and ashamed, but it’s part of my sex life and helps me get off quicker than my boyfriend.

He knows that I have this fetish and isn’t into it, but I don’t think it’s very fair that he gets to have a good “sexy time” with his fetishes and I don’t. He wants to “try” some things with me involving my fetish but I would feel like I would be forcing him. He hasn’t given me an ultimatum and is very loving and sweet, but if I don’t get rid of this weird ass fetish I may ruin my relationship!

Can you help me please?

Dear Ms Pee (for sure you know Svutlana would call you this),

Thank you too much for share golden fetish (proper name be urophilia) that for sure be more common than you think. Believe or no, urophilia be fetish you share with La Vida Loca mens, Ricky Martin, Nova Scotia fiddle mens Ashley MacIsaac and of course Annie Sprinkles.

Most peoples maybe no like for think about, but there be pleasures (or at very least, pleasant reliefs) inherent in urinate. Try for hold 32 ounce of water inside for one hours before transvaginal ultrasounds and for sure most womens would trade one fair good orgasm for urinary reliefs.

You simple blend pleasures of orgasm and urinary reliefs together, Ms Pee.

Svutlana regret for inform you that your pee fetish belong for you and there be absolute nothing you can do about. Incontinence of fetish–our complete inability for stop fetish or change it in for something more social acceptable–be part of beauty and magic of happy happy.

Fetish be there for help you find sexual release. Most womens no have fetish and one theory be that womens no explore their sexuality thoroughly enough and be too busy with try for please mens for discover what turn them on. You be lucky womens for find your fetish, Ms Pee. What you need for do be for make peace with it.

Anxiety about your pee fetish distract you and soak up lot of psychic energies that prevent you from find more fetish so you can diversify your fetish repertoire. In Svutlana opinion, everybody should have at least three fetish for have good sexy times.


Try for loose up and have little bit humor sense about yourself. Rather than worry that fetish will ruin your relationship (a thought that will guarantee that ruin relationship will eventual happen) “try” some things that maybe will work for both of you.

If you indulge boyfriend fetish and he want for do same for you. This be ideal situation, Ms Pee. Just because you feel ashame and embarrass no mean that you force boyfriend for appease you if he try for accommodate your fetish just as you try for accommodate his.

Fetish be part of poetry of sex, Ms Pee. Because all fetish be little bit weird ass, they be limerick of sex, part of sex that make us little bit laugh at ourselves and each other. Svutlana suggest you write limerick about your fetish for celebrate it.

Svutlana start you off…

There once be womens name Ms Pee
Who in urine find most delectable tease…

Svutlana no be sure exact what you like for do, so can no complete limerick, but you get ideas, Ms Pee.


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