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Since I had my baby a year ago my sex life with my husband has gone down hill. It used to be twice a day, now it’s a few times a week. My problem is my husband seems to prefer a blowjob to sex. I have said when it’s that time of the month I don’t mind doing it for the week (every day if he wants!) but for the other three weeks I want sex with everything on it.

This afternoon he made it clear he wanted a blowjob, I started and then stopped because I could see it was all he wanted. He was disappointed and nothing else happened, no sex or anything. We have talked about this loads of times and I actually thought he understood how crap it makes me feel.

Oh it’s great, knowing your husband wants a blowjob but not sex with you. It’s not even like I get anything after or during giving him one. I am so sexually frustrated. It just seems to be either a blowjob for him or a blowjob leading to sex–a quickie I might add.

The problem is it has gone that far now I don’t even come on to him because I feel he doesn’t want me. Like I said, I have spoke to him about it and he says yes I understand I am sorry, it will be different. We used to always watch porn together and I miss it, but there is no way I could watch it now because I feel so low about myself.

Advice please? 😦

Dear Ms Low Blow,

Thank you too much for letter, Ms Low Blow, about sex life that go from two time per day for rough three time per week. Three time per week be happy happy Valhalla for many peoples, but precipitous drop indicate trend line no be in your favor and situation definite be head in wrong directions. Guarantee me, your sex life will go down even more far if corrective action no be take immediate!

Problem as Svutlana see it be arrival of baby. Svutlana hypothesis be that baby arrive through vaginal canal and if husband be present in deliver room he see vagina ways he never see vagina before. Husband see vagina stretch out of shapes with afterbirth that shoot out like exorcism and now he suffer from what Svutlana call post-obstetric stress syndrome.

Husband probable will no tell you this face for face because arrival of baby is suppose for be happy event and no source for traumas, but he now think about your vagina like it be magician hat. He wonder if he go down on you or stick gashooshlank inside you maybe rabbit come out or ribbon with no ends or something like what be inside giblet bag that come inside turkey or who for fuck know…


Need you for address this issue immediate with take husband for sex doctor because with every days you accept his vagina avoidance behavior, more entrench it become.

In meantimes, need you for hear that husband have problem that belong exclusive for him and have nothing for do with your desirability, Ms Low Blow. Svutlana feel too bad for you. Vice Svutlana have that be specific for you be for nurture your sexuality with masturbate or go out with girlfriends or do whatever you need for feel good. You do right thing today with refuse for indulge husband selfishness: every blowjob or quickie that satisfy husband and no satisfy you set terrible terrible bad habit in stones.

Warm regard you, Ms Low Blow, and no forget for get husband for see sex doctor as soon as possibles!


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