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I really don’t know how to say this, but I want to watch my wife masturbate. I have tried to get my wife to, but she refuses. She says she never has and does not like to. I bought her a vibrator to see if she would at least try that and she refuses. She has called me at work when she is home alone and has told me she is horny and wants me to come home. I have told her to use her vibrator or to masturbate to help solve her sexual frustrations, but she refuses. I do not want to sound selfish, but I want her to try new things. I don’t want to push her into doing it just to make me happy and not enjoy it.

How should I approach the subject? How do I tell her I want to watch her masturbate?


Dear Mr Masturbate,

Thank you too much for question that you no know how for say, Mr Masturbate. Your approach with buy wife buzz machine remind me of times Svutlana mother buy fish on end of stick for pet cat for play with because she think cat should play even though cat be 96 years old in cat years. Svutlana mother buy fish on end of stick and wave fish in cat face with bang fish in for end of cat nose in case he no notice toy be there. Cat take one look at fish on stick at end of his nose and immediate run away.

What Svutlana try for say for you be that you can no make pussy play if pussy no want for play, Mr Masturbate. In Svutlana opinions, your wife miss out on many enjoyable synergies between womens and machine, but you can no force enjoyable experiences on other peoples. If you try for force others for conform for your pleasures you be sex tyrant.

That be said, wife have what we call in Svutlandia small sex radius. Small sex radius be complete okay if two peoples be marry with similar radius with circle of pleasures that overlap, but if one partner have big radius and other partner have small radius, there be big chance for big fuck problems. What tend for happen be that eventual big radius partner run in for someone else for fill in empty spaces.

Svutlana try for explain concept with follow diagram:


Svutlana vice for you be for try for expand wife sexual radius and thereby reduce size of danger zone and correspond adultery probability coefficient. This definite no be as easy as sound, Mr Masturbate. Can take wife for sex doctor if she be agreeable, but if she no want for go, there be little you can do except pair buzz machine with catnip. In other word, offer for apply buzz for wife when she already be arouse. You can also view porn instruction videos that show womens who masturbate for see if wife can take hints. If wife refuse for watch instruction videos with you, at least you will have your catnip.


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