Where sex be happy happy


I’m a guy who lives in shared accommodation with three women. For many years I’ve had a fetish for shoes and recently I’ve found myself breaking into my roommates’ rooms when they are out and getting sexual pleasure by masturbating into their high heels. I’m worried it’s become an obsession I can’t stop.

Shoe Horn

Dear Mr Shoe Horn,

Svutlana always hope that fetishist land inside inbox because find me extreme fascinate, but Svutlana need for be more careful about what for wish for. It be Svutlana experience that once one fetish question arrive, there be fetish parade that follow. Similar, once fetish arrive in your sex life, it always want for march through it with tubas and upside down clowns that make big scenes.


In Svutlana opinion, best fetish be fetish that be complete self-contain and can be enjoy alone in privates with no harm for personal properties or other peoples. Unfortunate, it be rare for find self-contain fetish, and most often fetish require involvement–voluntary or involuntary–of other peoples who rare share same fetish. Try for convince non-fetish peoples for participate in fetish be both fun and frustration of fetish and where Svutlana always try for help with give good vice.

All fetish be obsession you can no stop, Mr Shoe. If fetish no be obsession, it be simple like stand inside closet and try for decide what for wear. One sexual outfit be basical same as other outfit and you no feel compel for wear same fetish outfit every times. Fetish be where you stand inside closet and try for decide which pair shoes for jerk off in, where no jerk off inside shoe absolute no be option.

Shoe fetish typical be most easy fetish for find mate, but no your brand of shoe fetish, Mr Shoe Horn. Sigmund Freud be proud of you because you prove his theory that shoe actual be female genital. Rather than try for eliminate shoe fetish that be virtual impossible, vice have Svutlana for you be for masturbate on shoes rather than in shoes so can use ejaculate as cream for clean. Semens include proteins and live organisms that for sure be good for leather. Alternative, before masturbate, place small compost bag inside shoe for collect ejaculate that you can later use for shine shoes.

Maybe it just be Svutlana, but get me little bits upset if go for put on black leather pumps and discover evidence that no require in-depth CSI investigate that somebody recent fuck them. Puddle of semens in toe box or sticky sole piss Svutlana complete off, but if find shoes be more sparkle than remember leave them, Svutlana be happy happy, especial if discover they be clean with semens.

Maybe other womens wear cfm shoes, but guarantee me roommates be happy happy for say they be lucky enough for wear shoes that somebody already come fuck…and shine.


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