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I have always prided myself in being able to make girls squirt. I have read many books, and watched many movies, and I have always succeded with every one of my clients. But one cannot or will not have a squirting orgasm. I have spent much time in getting her relaxed and in the mood, but something is making her not want to. I can feel her make herself stop. She is a mother, but that has never been an issue for anyone else. It is a harsh blow to the ego if you know what I mean.

Please help, squirting is a kind of fetish for me.


Dear Mr Squirt,

Thank you too much for squirt fetish question, but confuse me too much this letter. You have clients who come for you because they want you for make them squirt, or do you refer for your girlfriends as clients, Mr Squirt?

Whether clients come for you in search of squirt or you call all womens clients, in Svutlana opinion this scenario be little bit fuck up. One of best things about be womens be that we have orgasms that tend for be self-contain. No get wrong me: if squirt that be complete fine, simple get out string mop, clean and forget about, but if no squirt it simple mean that orgasm no produce edible by-product and no require drop sheets.

Find me this fixation with squirt fascinate. Womens get off on point and shoot and mens get off on tickle gland inside vagina. Call squirt female ejaculate that make it sound like act of defiance like pee with stand up, make porn movie with star Annie Sprinkles and call it Zero Dark Squirty now everybody want for do. But maybe feel disappoint if wait and wait at vaginal spout and nothing come out or if wait and wait and at end of lay, female ejaculate just feel like regular orgasm with add water.

You mention that client be mother, Mr Squirt. You think maybe be mother have something for do about mental blockage for squirt? For sure give birth involve squirt many substances that include baby, Mr Squirt. Maybe deep down this poor womens have enough of expel things from body and just want for keep everything inside for little while.

You watch every movie and read every book in squirt genre. This no exact be arduous undertake like when AJ Jacobs read entire Encyclopedia Britannica for become world most smart mens.


Unfortunate, you have perfect squirt record that client be about for ruin. You take this womens inability or refusal for squirt as personal affront for you. Am profuse sorry for say, but squirts no be all about you, Mr Squirt. Maybe client sense your desperation for her squirt and this complete turn off her Skenes gland. Who know? Svutlana vice for you be for get for fuck over it and move on for next client. When sex blow your ego best thing for do be lie back for enjoy it.


Comments on: "Nothing is come for me" (2)

  1. Ha, so true. Squirting is great when it happens, but not having to decide who sleeps in the puddle is also great.

  2. […] but if no squirt it simple mean that orgasm no produce edible by-product and no require drop sheets.http://svutlana.com/2013/01/18/nothing-is-come-for-me/Those who judge nonmonogamists the harshest are those who are afraid monogamy doesn’t actually […]

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