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Dear Svutlana,

I have an admittedly odd question for you. My husband has done some calculations based on his age (61), sexual frequency and life expectancy and has announced that he has 767 fucks left.

First, what would possess a person to do this type of calculation and second, should I be alarmed?

Ms Calculation

Dear Ms Calculation,

First, Svutlana extend profuse apologies for readers for extend absence from Svutlana blog. During absence, Svutlana become certify personal fitness trainer so can help make better sex lives through aerobic fitness and Svutlandian pubic floor exercises with kettle bells.

Thank you too much for oddly fascinate question that inspire Svutlana for consult copularial tables. It seem for me that what possess your husband be sex, Ms Calculation. Nobody do copularial calculations out of blues. Usual, what provoke such calculations be: a) feel for mortalities and b) concern for fate of penis.

Svutlana wonder what assumption underlay calculations because, accord for Svutlana estimate base on 80 year life span, husband assume he make happy happy rough 0.776 time per week on average for rest of life. For sure husband be mathematical rigorous enough for assume gradual decline in sexual frequency over time. Calculations seem reasonable for me, although Svutlana would like for see weekly sexual frequency number more close for 2 that be national average for seniors from age 60 for 80 in Svutlandia.

Svutlana vice for you be first for clarify underlay assumptions with husband. If husband include imaginary fuck (masturbate) in total number of fucks he have left, you be in troubles.  If no include imaginary fucks, you need also for clarify that you be only person husband factor in for equation.

Second, you need for talk about how for ensure that, regardless of number of sexual experience that await you, you make every fuck count. Of course this vice apply for everyone, include Svutlana, who sometime need for be remind that one should always strive for become sex you want for see in world.

It seem for me that husband do big favors for you (and for Svutlana) for remind us of mortalities. Tension coil tighter and release be more luxurious when you can hear tick tock tick tock of time.


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