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Dear Svutlana,

My favourite position is from behind (I don’t like to refer to it with the bestial d-word) but whenever we do it, my husband ALWAYS gets a foot cramp and must jump up and walk around the room until it (and his erection) goes away. What can I do?

Cramps my preferred style

Dear Ms Cramps,

Thank you too much for question about foot cramp and for use more demur “from behind” for refer for doggie-style position. Agree me complete that doggie style sound inappropriate and always make Svutlana think of Marmaduke. That be said, “from behind” sound like approach for assembly of bookshelf and little bit too Ikea for me. Need us new word for penetrate in rear-entry position that no sound like household pet, Ikea or delivery at factory.


Svutlana think about and get back for you…

Regard foot cramp, there be only one scientifical-prove cure that Svutlana be aware of and that be pickle juice. Keep jar of pickle juice beside bed Ms Cramps, and when husband foot cramp up like for sure it do next time you make happy happy in position for be name later, have him take one swig and continue for pump pickle.

Warm regard you too much!


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