Where sex be happy happy

Dear Svutlana,

I know you’re big time into fitness. Can you recommend a fitness routine I can do with my husband while having sex?

Fit to be tried

Dear Ms Fit,

Thank you for question that Svutlana ponder for long times, Ms Fit. As much as Svutlana would like for recommend routine that involve squats, intervals and full range of motions, think me fitness regimens belong outside bedroom. Bedroom be place for reap reward of have fit body–better orgasm due for better blood flow for genitals, increase desire, more self-confidence–no for think about reps, proper form and where for place husband on Bosu ball.


What influence Svutlana decision most for keep Bosu balls out of bedroom be this most fascinate article from New York Magazine where womens decide for incorporate as many fitness concept in for her bedroom as possible. Soon this poor womens start dread make happy happy and look forward for rest day because when you add sex for fitness it no make fitness more pleasurable: it make sex big fuck pain in ass.

Svutlana give final word on relations between sex and fitness for Jack LaLanne:

Sex is giving, giving, giving. The more energy you have, the more you’re going to please.

Warm regard you too much,


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