Where sex be happy happy

In Judaism, sex is not a sin, but a mitzvah…A rabbi has to have sex every day, a salesman every seven days. The frequency of sex depends on the profession. 
Dr Ruth Westheimer


Svutlana love Dr Ruth too much!

Svutlana thank Dr Ruth for make Svutlana think about relationship between sex frequency and profession, topic that everybody need for consider before make career choice. Forget what colour be your parachute and think what career float your boats and boats that dock beside you.

In Judaism sex be mitzvah–good deed with spiritual and ethical component that come from sense of religious duty. Svutlana encourage everyone for think of happy happy as perform good deeds with spirit. Svutlana always try for perform sex in dutiful fashions, like it be most noble job.

Maybe you wonder how sex differ from noble job for noble job, so Svutlana find scientific survey of 400 womens for you in Redbook that explore sexual behavior of assort professions. Highlights of Redbook survey be as follow:

Salesmens have most sex and be most likely for do role play with improvisations.

Artists be rate best lovers overall in survey, but they seem for go on and on forever with foreplay with keep add flourishes.

Construction worker be hard hat profession least likely for perform oral sex and, accord for 30% of construction worker wife, need for be little bits more tender.

Truck driver be rate number one in oral sex…


Svutlana like for think that Mudflap Womens be most sexual satisfy cartoon on roads.

Small business owner be most innovative with add new positions and toys, and be lovers most likely for pick up whips for motivate.

Engineers and architects like for make sure wife be satisfy and be profession most likely for use battery operate device (and later take apart for figure out how work).

Managers and Supervisors be least likely for take “No tonight, Honey” for answer and will try for negotiate other arrangements.

Mens who wear uniform such as firefighter, police officer and UPS deliverymens tend for skip foreplay so can put out fire immediate, and no like for try new things because prefer for follow standard procedures.

Mens who wear suits such as lawyer, accountant and consultant want sex every day and like for vary locations, but only 56 percent of partner rate men who wear suits as “excellent” or “very good”, maybe because charge partner hourly rate.

Doctors and health care worker be rate high on cuddle but dead last on foreplay.

Computer specialist be least likely for give and receive oral sex, likely because they prefer for use fingertips.

Conclusion Svutlana draw from Redbook sex survey be that Dr Ruth be right: we do our work, but our work do our partners. Svutlana encourage everybody for think about what you do for live and how you maybe bring job description in for bedroom.

Fill in blanks: __________ (your profession) do it with ____________.

Svutlana do it with warm regards for you,


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