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Comments on: "Svutlana send you postcard from Annual Svutlandia Sex Picnic" (4)

  1. ❤ you, Svutlana! I missed your posts for a while, and I'm so glad to catch up!

  2. You sent me a FB message a long time ago, which ended up in my “Other” folder. By the time I found it, you were no longer on FB. 😦 (You probably don’t remember at all, but when I found all those “other” messages, I felt bad that folks thought I just ignored them). Anyhoo, good luck on your stand-up career as well!

    • Svutlana be use for land in “Other” folder so no worries, AbFAB. Unfortunate, Svutlana no longer be on Facebook because have troubles with find time for manage multiple faces in multiple places.Thank you again too much for well wishes.

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