Where sex be happy happy

Svutlana be lucky enough for receive this phallological email from nice couple who recent visit Iceland…


Nice couple send Svutlana this picture from Iceland because they know Svutlana be amateur phallologist with interest in scientific study of penis. Nice couple no enter Icelandic Phallological Museum however, probable because they be afraid they become little bit cockeye like Svutlana.

Although penis be around for many year, Iceland be first for devote museum for display. In museum you can see 280 specimen from 93 species of animals–almost all of land and sea animals you can find in Iceland. There be 55 penises from whales, 36 from seals and 118 from land mammals, include Huldufólk (Icelandic elves) and trolls.

Unfortunate, Icelandic elf penis and troll penis be invisible, so visitor must use imagination for see. Fortunate, many womens be good at this (womens be 60% of visitor for museum).

In Svutlana opinion, story about human penis for display be most interest part of Iceland museum. There be three notable candidate from around world, all eager for membership. American mens name Tom Mitchell be so eager that he want for donate his penis before he die so that he can visit it inside museum. For now Mr Tom be content with send plaster mold of “Elmo” that hold space for him in museum until he die.

Can watch Canadian documentary entitle Final Member if you be interest in find out more about mens who wish for ultimate in exhibitionism.

Silver sculptures of penises that belong for Iceland handball team also be on display in Iceland Phallological museum–handball team win silver medal in Beijing Olympic!


Like school picture, it be little bit sad if you be in front row because you be small relative for other penis.

(Have me absolute no ideas about you, but Svutlana really start for warm up for Iceland.)

Svutlana express wish for shine object in window of museum display in picture nice couple send for me with think it may be penile lava lamp. In fact it be lamp make from bull scrotum.


Lamp definite look pretty enough for contain testicle.

This conclude Svutlana tour through Iceland Phallological Museum. Hopeful you enjoy as much as Svutlana who can absolute no wait for visit Reykjavik so can see in persons and reach out for touch.


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