Where sex be happy happy

Dear Svutlana,

What do you do about the guy who puts his hands on the back of your head when you’re giving him oral? For me, it feels way too controlling and makes it seem like I’m only there to please him and do his bidding. I politely but firmly remove his hands, but out of the corner of my eye I can see them twitching at his side.

Is this some kind of reflex in men that they can’t control?

Wishing to go hands-free

Dear Ms Hands-Free,

Feel me too close for you Ms Hands-Free because Svutlana share same sex peeve.

No like me one little bits when give oral please and all of sudden hands appear on top of Svutlana head with start for push up and down like they bounce basketball. This make feel Svutlana feel: a) claustrophobey, like Svutlana be trap on gashooshlank and can absolute no escape and b) like Svutlana be blow job machine on orgasm assemble line. It be even worse if mens grab hold of Svutlana ears!

Unfortunate this hands-on approach be reflex in some mens and be deep entrench in genetic materials. Here be ancient artifact that prove our sex peeve be around for thousand of years…


Unfortunate, this behaviour be extreme difficult for change. Can remove hands from head, but as you note Ms Hands-Free, hands twitch at sides like mens who bounce up and down on tippy toes on sideline of basketball court with want for get back in game.

Svutlana learn that best way for deal with annoy behaviour that no be malicious and be extreme resistant for change be for reframe what it mean for you. Rather than think of hand on head as control, think about as form of benediction as if blessing be bestow upon you because you do something extreme good.

Can perform this mind trick for anything that annoy you inside or outside bedroom. For examples, if partner leave socks on during happy happy–apparent this be extreme common sex peeve–can say for self that this mens be so excite for experience womens in me that he complete forget for remove socks.

Our sex peeve say more about us than about partner, Ms Hands-Free. For Svutlana (and maybe for you too), hands-on sex peeve display how much we like for feel in control at all times. Peoples who worry about partner who wear socks be concern about appearances. They imagine crowd that watch from doorway and think their sex be gauche.

Svutlana think all sex be gauche and that be best part of it, so sex with socks no bother me one little bit. Sex give us endless opportunities for self-exploration, Ms Hands-Free, but it be pity if we stop at pleasures and peeves and no think more deep about what our likes and dislikes say about us.


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