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Dear Svutlana,
I was wondering if you could recommend a sexual position for me and my husband to try out on our upcoming anniversary. Something that will shake things up, if you know what I mean. 🙂
Shaggie May
Dear Ms Shaggie,

Svutlana be extreme please that you have anniversary come Ms Shaggie, but have me absolute no fuck ideas what position for recommend because have no sense for who you be or what be in your positional repertoire. Profuse apologize me for say, but your question be little bits lazy, Ms Shaggie. Can understand me complete if you bring in designer for ask if you should paint bathroom with oxford white or ice mist, but you farm out your sex life for consultant.

That be said, Svutlana have artisanal sex column, so Svutlana must give vice. Fortunate, Svutlana have one position inside pocket that definite be off beat track, so for speak. Discover me this position last week when do research for give animal sex vice.

Can tell husband that this extreme fascinate position be feature in Museum of Sex in New York City in Sex Life of Animals Exhibit. Maybe you be first couple on street for try.

Call me this position…

clingy koala because womens hold on for mens like koala bear hold upside down on for tree. For sure this picture no do position justice, but can no insert picture of Svutlana do clingy koala because, unfortunate, picture be little bit blur.

Base on Svutlana experience with clingy koala, have me some vice for give you before try, Ms Shaggie. One, husband need for be strong and have extreme long arms. Two, you need for help husband with swing or else position be like Pompeii where nobody move one little bit.

For sure this position shake up thing Ms Shaggie because guarantee me, before long muscles begin for shake. That be said, clingy koala be extreme romantic position because you can look deep in for each other eye and share pains together. Share pains together be definition of passion and no passion be what marry life be all about?

Happy happy anniversary for you!


Comments on: "Svutlana Share Sexual Position From Down Under" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    More animal sex, Svutlana?As cute as that primate position is, I tried it (standing on my feet), and almost broke my back. The only time I had good sex standing upright, was while the woman sat or table, or stood upright with me. However, trying new positions rarely makes a long term couple’s sex more intimate. But trying new locations and new forms of foreplay does. Ms Shaggie, have you tried a soapy? That is where you lather your body up with soap suds, and then you scrub your lover’s body using only your body as a sponge. Or had sex in truly exotic romantic location like in a secret meadow that no one goes during the day light hours. Or my favorite, a beach at night.

  2. Thank you too much for give excellent vice. Svutlana love soapy idea too much and agree complete that new position no be answer if relationship be in troubles, but see me no indications that this relationship be in troubles. Can you use Mr Bubbles or must you use soap? For sure can absolute no beat beach at night but can play CD entitle “Magic Shore” with ambient wave and beautiful ocean surf sound, if beach no be available.

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