Where sex be happy happy

Every days Svutlana try for walk 10,000 step and have fitbit for tell exact how many step Svutlana take. Fitbit also attach for band on non-dominant arm and tell how long Svutlana sleep and how good Svutlana sleep be. If wake up and fitbit be on floor, Svutlana no have good sleep.

Fitbit look like this…


26,634 be most step Svutlana ever take that be rough half marathon or 13.11 miles.

Svutlana walk for gym today with fitbit and before get on step machine look for fitbit so can remove before work out because you no suppose for include work out in 10,000 step tally (unfortunate 26,634 be inflate number that include Svutlana run because forget for remove fitbit before run out door).

Fitbit be tiny and easy for lose or complete forget about (many fitbit meet untimely demise inside rinse cycle). Today at gym Svutlana can absolute no find fitbit. Look inside waistband of pant and fitbit no be there so try for determine if fitbit be in vicinity with try for sync with smartphone. Smartphone look for fitbit and find so fitbit be close by, but where for fuck fitbit be?

Svutlana feel around pant and top and look inside bag and jacket pocket, but can no find fitbit. Decide for go for change room so can perform more intensive search because for sure peoples at gym begin for wonder about Svutlana and begin for create hypotheses about why she feel herself up. Maybe feel self up be delay tactic so no have for get on machine and work out.

Svutlana go for change room and after walk around with feel private places and sync again with smartphone Svutlana final discover fitbit. Fitbit be inside Svutlana pantie. Apparent, Svutlana fitbit like for keep company with Svutlana clitbit.

Clitbit track Svutlana orgasm that unfortunate no be as many as Svutlana personal best steps.

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