Where sex be happy happy

Results from National Survey of Sexual Attitude and Lifestyle (NATSAL) in Britain be release and everybody in Svutlandia (especial Svutlana) be extreme extreme excite. NATSAL question over 15,000 peoples in England, Wales and Scotland age 16 – 74 and have lot for say about sexual attitudes and practices in West.

You can find details at NATSAL website here, but headline everyone in Svutlandia talk about be how Briton have more vary sex since first NATSAL survey appear in 1990, but less sex overall.


Philosophers at Svutlandia Sex Institute be complete perplex about precipitous drop in sex frequency in Britain over past ten year. Some expert speculate that Britons be too busy. For many peoples, sex be dessert for day that take too much time and energy for make. Must add at least one ingredient for make sex dessert rise and also have for knead. Unfortunate, many peoples can no be bother with optional activity that no be on to-do list and no even qualify as work out.

Other group of theorist (that include amateur sexual theorist Svutlana) think that something happen between 2000 and 2010 for make sex less appeal. Svutlana blame Al Gore for drop in sexual frequency in Britain. Al Gore no only scare everybody (especial those who live on island) with threat of climate change, but he also invent Internet that complete change sexual landscape.

Now almost everybody have option for share bed with inbox, social media and online porns that take little energy for consume and no require cuddles.


When Svutlandia journalists contact Al Gore for comment he apologize profuse for cause decline in sexual activities in Britain and remind us that “sex is a renewable resource”.

Warm regards (and cuddles) for all Britons and Al Gore,

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