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I know this may sound, well, different? but I get so turned on when I smell cinnamon. Whenever I’m in the supermarket and I walk down an aisle where there are cinnamon products, I go nuts! When I get home, I have to masturbate or I’ll go crazy. Whenever my girlfriend is not around I like to go to the supermarket and buy cinnamon products. I prefer to take my time. The thrill is overwhelming. I like to buy the cinnamon bread. When I get home I put it in the toaster and the whole apartment fills with cinnamon. I also like to buy the cinnamon rolls you put in the oven. Once the scent fills the apartment, I can hardly control myself. Is it normal to get so turned on with a specific scent?


Dear Mr Cinnamens,

Your letter make Svutlana smile more than little bits, Mr Cinnamens. Oh, what delight fetish you have! Cinnamon have many health-enhance qualities and, believe or no, Song of Solomon–that contain most sexy bits in Bible–mention cinnamon as scent of garment that belong for beloved. Svutlana can complete understand sensual attract of smell because love me too much smell of Svutlana grandmother (Svutnana) banana muffin. Banana muffin smell no turn Svutlana on, but smell make me feel happy and peaceful inside and so Svutlana be more likely for make happy happy. In your case, it be extreme possible that when you be little boy you play with gashooshlank coincidental at same times as somebody near cook with cinnamon. Inside brain, sex and cinnamon be condition and world first cinnamon fetishist be born!

Ever think about get job inside Cinnabon store or maybe buy Cinnabon franchise, Mr Cinnamens? It seem for me that this be excellent vice for you. For sure you be best Cinnabon employee (or franchisee) of all times, but maybe cinnamon in Cinnabon be too much for you and you get little bit sense overload. Svutlana pass Cinnabons at O’Hare Airport (there be three Cinnabons at O’Hare) and almost pass out with smell because it be so intense. Svutlana worry about what be on top of bun that you serve, Mr Cinnamens. Maybe you get in for troubles…

In Svutlana opinion, it be too bad there no be more peoples like you with nice smell fetish, Mr Cinnamens. There be many peoples with smell fetish that be attach for other fetish. For examples, foot fetish peoples who like smell of sweat feet or leather fetish peoples who like smell of saddle. It be extreme rare for have stand-alone smell fetish.

Surprise me that you no involve girlfriend with fetish, Mr Cinnamens. Can easy sprinkle cinnamon on top girlfriend, but maybe scent of powder from bottle no be strong enough for you. Need for get cinnamon bun candle or toast bun beside bed. No worries if girlfriend think you be weird. In sex, everything be relative, Mr Cinamens. Sometime Svutlana recommend mate and switch strategy where you pretend for have extreme kink then switch for kink you actual have that be much more mild. For examples, can pretend you want for sniff girlfriend pantie then whip out toast oven and bake cinnamon bun instead.

Guarantee me, girlfriend be extreme relieve for see cinnamon bun in toaster oven and boyfriend with little bit cinnamon fetish than boyfriend who like for smell her pantie. Can tell her that your fetish be antioxidant and that cinnamon also be antimicrobial that kill mosquito larvae if this be of concern for girlfriend.

Oh, congratulate profuse, Mr Cinnamens on this most fabulous cinnamon fetish!


Comments on: "Scent of a cinnamon woman" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hey Svutlana,
    Can you share your Svutnana Banana Bread recipe? I'd like to develop a totally new smell fetish. šŸ˜‰

  2. Svutnana Banana Muffin recipe be as follow:

    2 1/4 cup flour
    2 tsp bake powder
    1 tsp bake soda
    1 tsp salt
    1 1/4 cup white sugars
    2/3 cup Crisco or other brand of shorten
    2/3 cup sour creams
    2 egg
    1 cup smash banana (old brown mushy banana be best)

    Simple mix dry and wet ingredient separate, then combine and put inside muffin pan for bake for 20-25 minute.

    Smell of Svutnana banana muffin in oven be consider aphrodisiac in many part of Svutlandia.

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