Where sex be happy happy

Thank you extreme much for womens who send pictures for Svutlana and ask about Penis Day in Japan that apparent be celebrate March 15…

Svutlana, Is March 15 Penis Day in Japan? I looked for a website and couldn’t find anything on this. I thought you might know. Perhaps there is a Penis Day but it’s in Svutlandia and not Japan? Makes me wonder if they celebrate the vagina at all…

Believe or no, celebrate no be call Penis Day but Honen Matsuri that mean rich harvest festival. This practice date back over 1500 year to discovery of shrine where there be many artifact, most of which be shape like gashooshlank. Therefore, for celebrate Honen Matsuri, extreme big gashooshlank be parade down street.

It look like it be extreme hard work for carry around giant gashooshlank. Apparent, every year new gashooshlank be carve from cedar tree that go through purification ritual. Gashooshlank that be in Honsun Matsuri parade be approximate eight feet long and weigh over 600 pound and be carry all over places before it be spin around many time at Tagata Jinja shrine.

It be important for note that gashooshlank no be worship like they do in NFL, but rather be humble offer for gods. During ceremony peoples rub gashooshlank and make fertile wish for much bounty. Much sake be serve and everybody look like they be have extreme good times…

Vice have Svutlana for everybody be for find gashooshlank immediate for rub and make wish (maybe it be your own gashooshlank or maybe it belong for somebody else).

Happy happy belate Honsun Matsuri,


Suki receive many offer for nose job…

For sure this child grow up for be little bit disappoint and have absolute no ideas why.

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