Where sex be happy happy

Fortunate, Svutlana Fitbit provide answer. There be rough 140 steps in sex that be 0.05 miles (0.08 kilometres) or 264 feet.

Most impress way for put 264 feet (and Svutlana sex life) in perspective be for consider that…


It make sense for put sex in amuse park where it belong. Think about sex life amuse park and what kind of ride you be on. You be on Ferris wheel with Svutlana, carousel, roller coaster, bumper car, tilt-a-whirl, trolley car or inside fun house where floors move, bodies stretch and shrink and for sure somebody scream? What kind of ride you want for be on?

It be Monday night and Svutlana and partner be in moods for steady climb for top in Ferris wheel. Maybe Friday night we feel like little bit gravitron where turn out lights and start for spin until feel weightless and want for puke. Who for fuck know?

Whatever you do be sure for wear personal track device so that you know how far you go when make happy happy and can count tally toward 10000 step per day goal.

Warm regard you too much!


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