Where sex be happy happy

p.s. Jian Ghomeshi

Dear Mr Jian,

Svutlana already write letter for you in which draw conclusion that you have big fuck problems, but now that there be lot more informations available Svutlana can no help but add postscript.

Your sex life be textbook case of sex that no be happy happy. Svutlana no want for add for commentary on your painful sad sex life and would rather leave your case for police department in hope that justice be serve. In story that have many surprise and disturb elements what surprise me most of all be that you show CBC executives video of your sex life in hope that this is some way will exonerate you and normalize your behaviour.

CBC executives take one look at your video and fire you immediate.

What for fuck you think, Mr Jian? Svutlana make happy happy last night and think for self: what if Svutlana, rather than present latest forecast for big drugged company, decide for present video evidence of sex life instead so that members of Executive Committee can get for know Svutlana little bit more better?


Svutlana think about this for long times. Think about selection of best unmentionables from underwear drawer, camera angles that flatter and nice Lana Del Ray soundtrack that hopeful add hint of noir. But no matter how Svutlana dress it up, for sure there be things that disturb Executive Committee, like moment of orgasm that sound as if Svutlana be laugh hearty at some cosmic joke.

Nobody should have for see this and nobody ever will. And hopeful Mr Jian video no land on YouTubes where for sure everybody get for see that “consent” sex with Mr Jian look lot like elevator ride with Ray Rice.


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