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Vice for Ms Rush

Dear Svutlana,

It takes me at least thirty minutes to climax with my husband during sex! Is there anything I can do to move things along, Svutlana? It seems my husband can come in thirty seconds…I’m jealous!

In a rush for a rush

Dear Ms Rush,

Thank you too much for your time-honour question, Ms Rush. You say it take thirty minute for climax with your husband and you want for move things along. Thirty minute no be long times for orgasm when you consider that it take 33 minutes for cook froze pizza and rough sixty minute for watch episode of Good Wife.

Why you want for rush, Ms Rush? Have you more better things for do than make happy happy or do you simple want for set personal best record? Orgasm come when it come. Fact that it be both capricious and labyrinthine be beauty and mystery of female orgasm. If you have orgasm thirty seconds after clock strike eleven first Tuesday night of every month, everybody gather around Old Faithful and pay for see you gush, but guarantee me, you no enjoy orgasm half as much as when it take sweet times and sneak up on you.

Female orgasm involve little bits engineer and little bits orienteer, Ms Rush. First husband must find clitoris. This no be as easy as sound. Guarantee me, if you ask husband he tell you that he think for sure you move clit around like you do with his car keys. When he final locate clitoris he need for figure out what for do with it and what work last times no necessary work this times.

Clock continue for tick tick tick while husband perform assort experiments on your clitoris and your orgasm no mind one little bit for make you wait. You wait and wait and all of sudden orgasm appear out of nowheres. Orgasm pounce on you when you least expect and probable when you think about something you wish no push you over orgasmic cliff like cashier at grocery store who be in middle of change genders so you wonder if your fantasy be homosexual or heterosexual, or you climax when think about mens at gym who ride stationary bike and cheer last weekend NFL football highlights like they be live events.

Please enjoy journey of 140 steps and no worry about finish time. Like we say in Svutlandia…


Please no rush, Ms Rush.


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