Where sex be happy happy

Dear Svutlana,

Is it ever appropriate to thank someone for sex?

Miss Manners

Dear Miss Manner,

Thank you too much for give Svutlana rare sexual etiquette question. When Svutlana meet somebody for first times, always ask me this question: What be your number one sex peeve? For some reasons, many peoples refuse for answer Svutlana (and some no be extreme nice about) but peoples who do be kind enough for answer this research question usual say, “No like me one little bit when sex partner say ‘Thank you’ after make happy happy.”

Svutlana can complete understand urge for say thank you after make happy happy because most peoples be condition for say thank you when somebody do something nice for them like open door or serve pumpkin latte or help with orgasm. Svutlana often want for exclaim THANK YOU! in capital letter after happy happy, but always try for suppress.

Svutlana can also understand urge for get mad when somebody say thank you after sex. Thank you be mundane expression that peoples use with no think many time each day and it seem for imply that happy happy be all about person who say ‘Thank you’ and other person simple be there for serve it up.

One womens tell Svutlana she feel like whore when boyfriend say thank you after happy happy. Svutlana ask this womens: “What be wrong with feel like whore?” Svutlana recommend that couple with bore sex life invite whore in for bedroom, so for speak, with make sex in for monetary transaction. From time for time, Svutlana ask for Monopoly money for sex because add little bit spice for happy happy when Svutlana become board game whore from Baltic Avenue. And when use Monopoly monies, can be extreme expensive whore with charge $15,140 that be entire contents of Monopoly bank.

Where be me?

Vice Svutlana have for everybody be never say thank you after happy happy. Instead do what Svutlana do and plan in advances how for express creative gratitudes. Can prepare cue card for make short toastmaster speech if wish, or can write note for leave behind.

Here be actual Svutlana note that use on recent occasion (write note on blank card–cream colour stationery be classiest–and slip under pillow like teeth fairy):


In Svutlandia, we call this bang-you note. It always be most appreciate for receive bang-you note immediate after happy happy so can paste in for happy happy scrapbook with other bang-you notes and happy happy mementoes. Can re-read bang-you notes from time for time so can feel good about accomplishments and look for recur theme so can continuous improve.

For me, happy happy be feel-good journey of continuous improve, and Svutlana be most grateful for share this journey with you.

Thank you too much,

Svutlana xoxo

p.s. If you draw blank for bang-you note and have absolute no fuck ideas about how for express thanks, Svutlana have template for you…


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