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Dear Svutlana

I am a light smoker, and because of this my wife is reluctant to allow me to give her oral sex. Her fears lie in my smoking and possible vaginal contact with carcinogens.

Is there any medical basis supporting her anxiety?

Smokin’ Hot

Dear Mr Smoke,

Svutlana be sorry for hear that a) you be smoker–say you be light smoker be same as say you be slight obese–and b) wife must go through every days with no oral please. Can understand me complete why wife no want for have smokey tongue anywhere near vagina that already be more clean than average mouth with no smoke inside.

That be said, there be absolute no research on health risk of smokey cunnilingus. There be extreme little research on cunnilingus in general that, in Svutlana opinion be shameful because guarantee me, cunnilingus can serve up more orgasms than…let Svutlana put this way: if Svutlana be rich women’s, she buy big billboard in every major city in world that say…

Vice that Svutlana have for you, Mr Smoke, be simple. Quit with smoke and every time you crave cigarette, find oral gratifications with wife. In Svutlandia we call this lickotine replacement therapy. (Guarantee me, many womens who read this vice will want husband for take up smoke so can quit.) If you can absolute no quit and you try everything from acupunct to hypnotize, take little piece of cellophane and place on top wife pubey region then go for town. If you be husband with wife who smoke and still want fellatio, you can put condom on for protect gashooshlank from carcinogens.

Guarantee me, no husbands will follow this vice.

Bottom lines be just because you have extreme bad habit, this no necessary mean you can no light up your wife and make her smoke.



Comments on: "What for do when sex life go up in smokes" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    I live in Levittown NY–not a major NA city, but can you post your billboard here? It won't be nearly as pricey as Times Square. You can put it on the Hempstead Tpk across from the Taco Bell.

    • It make sense for me for place cunnilingus billboard across street from Taco Bell. Taco represent fair significant competition for cunnilingus. Svutlana promise for place first billboard in Levittown.
      Thank you too much for comment.

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