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O-O-OH Santa!

Christmas be exact one month away so today be perfect times for consider that 1 out of 5 womens have Santa Claus fetish. This fetishistic statistic come from online survey of naughty peoples, but unscientific though it may be, prevalence of Santa fetish make complete sense for Svutlana.

Comfort. Joy. Giving. It no take much for warm tides of season for combine with soft feel of Santa belly in velveteen suit and turn in for sex arouse…


Miss Microsheen know that shiny fascist boots be only part of allure of Santa and can absolute no wait for see what be inside of Santa sacks. She know what everybody who visit Svutlana blog know–that Santa possess jolly carnal appetites that can make womens (and gay mens with Santa fetish) extreme merry.

Journey for South Pole with secret Santa provide nice side trip for fetish peoples like Svutlana who believe that holiday season have far too much Dasher and no near enough Vixen.


Comments on: "O-O-OH Santa!" (1)

  1. For sure it be gauche for comment on own post, but today, believe or no, Santa that clean windows give Svutlana candy cane! Obvious, this Santa sense that Svutlana have Santa fetish.

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