Where sex be happy happy

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform.

Alfred Kinsey

Believe or no, Alfred Kinsey who be father of American sexology, begin his career with study gall wasps. Gall wasp no be impudent white protestant, but rather tiny insect that have amaze abilities for reproduce both with and without sex partner. Mr Alfred study gall wasp with intensity that serve him extreme well later in life when he begin for study mate habits of mens and womens.

Of 18 million gall wasps at America Museum of Natural History in New York, Alfred Kinsey be responsible for catch 5 million of them. No amount of painstake detail be too much for Mr Alfred. And no amount of pain be too much for bear either because young Alfred would insert pipe cleaner and even toothbrush up his urethra for punish himself for his homoerotic fantasies.

Mr Alfred studies of human sexuality open his mind and enable him for indulge his homoerotic fantasies so he can put pipe cleaner away for good and leave his poor urethra alone. Or so it seem. Unfortunate, much later in life he perform circumcise on himself with pocketknife and no anaesthesia that seem for indicate that, despite his extensive knowledge of sexuality, Dr Kinsey still be more than little bits fucked up.

As sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey be credit with develop first scale for measure sex orientation and he be first academic for recognize that womens actual enjoy sex and that clitoral orgasm no be cheap knockoff of vaginal orgasm. Kinsey reports on male and female sexuality make sex topic of national conversation and even be celebrate in song Too Darn Hot:

According to the Kinsey report
Every average man you know
Much prefers his lovey dovey to court
When the temperature is low

Lyrics seem for suggest that winter be prefer time for make happy happy, but Cole Porter make this up because there be absolute no reference for correlate between frigid temperature and hot sex in Kinsey report.

Life of Alfred Kinsey have too much for teach us about sexuality, but for today let us consider this question: Do you stick pipe cleaner up your metaphorical urethra (or urethra of somebody you know) because of “unacceptable” sexual urge or similar form of sexual self-tyranny? Maybe you no look or act like porn peoples and this make you want for stick pipe cleaner up your urethra.

In other word, be there something in your sex life that you need for lighten up about and get little bit perspective?

If so, Svutlana be here for help. Svutlana laugh about sex all days so can light up at night. Can even find amuse in Dr Kinsey who from all account have Guinness Book of World Record approach for life and take himself and his work far too serious…



Svutlana wish you happy happy pipe cleaner-free weekend.

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