Where sex be happy happy

Christmas spirits make Svutlana go for toy department and look at magic banana, amaze pelvic floor exerciser…


Magic banana be little bits like fuck yourself with skip rope. Want me too much for love magic banana and spirit of womens help womens that banana embody, but it just no look like fun for me.

Svutlana have similar experience when order Ben Wa balls for do pelvic floor exercise. Be disappoint when balls arrive in mail and they look like something you play ping pong with.

Svutlana need for be in moods for insert something so big inside vagina. Celia (lady who sell balls for Svutlana) say she insert balls and do housework. Eventual she graduate for heavier and heavier balls and develop extreme strong vagina that can clamp down on husband penis like boa constrictor. Svutlana hope Ms Celia no share this serpentine informations with her husband…

When make happy happy with partner and moment be right, Svutlana be in moods for insert spatula, tea diffuser or wood spoon inside vagina, but for insert skip rope or large balls or (mother of gods!) vaginal barbell out of blues for do exercise? It definite no will happen.

Website say magic banana can be use for self explore, but no see me flashlight anywhere on device. If light up when insert, get warm and play Talk Dirty song, maybe Svutlana call up Pay Pal for charge $69.00 plus ship, handle and tax.

Commercial say that magic banana will answer questions, as if it can connect with wisdom that be curl up inside vaginal walls like eternal feminine fortune cookie.

Svutlana have couple of question for vagina via magic banana.

Where exact be G-spots?

Svutlana vaginal fortune cookie say: No matter what your past has been you have a spotless future.

How can you make pelvic floor exercise in for fun?

Svutlana vaginal fortune cookie say: Stop wishing. Start doing.

Svutlana do kegels now. Unassisted.

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